Tuesday, September 18

New Direction

No . . . not a new singing group.

The New Direction is my blog!
I haven't been posting in quite some time, and really surprised to see some folks still here, thanks! However,  I think I feel like blogging in a totally different direction now.

These are the things that interest me most:

Arts and Crafts
and Me

So if any of these things are NOT your cup of tea, I think now is a good time when I can handle you bidding me adieu.

I've changed.
Life changes. And so does one's interest throughout the years.

So thanks for those who have stayed. And thanks for those who will continue to stay a follower of the blog. And I would LOVE to hear from you!
All the best. Eve x

Wednesday, August 15

Diva Brunch Wishes

 With leopard print being SuPer HOT right now, I couldn't help fancying these leopard print tableware goodies. I found all of these on one website; www.theteapotshoppe.com

They just bring out my inner-diva, I would love to purchase them all.

The prices are really reasonable, for example this Square Leopard Dessert Plates (4) cost $64.97.

And this Leopard cup & Saucer is $43.97

Tuesday, August 7

Warm day in Town Sidmouth

Hiya folks, I was out in Sidmouth recently having a leisure day on the beachfront with hubby. We just had a blast, firstly the drive there is so scenic and lovely taking the back roads. And then when you arrive there's The Beach!

My hair was blowing in the wind, but the sun was blazing down like crazy.

We stopped to have a cream tea - I LOVe Cream Teas.

Overall a very nice day out. Sidmouth was a great town to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there, too calm for me, sort of like a retirement town, so maybe in the future.
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