Tuesday, February 23

I Really Really Dig...

All Things Sweet!

It's downright rotten being a diabetic. Can't have this, can't have that. So whomever it was that invented artificial sweeteners - I Adore You! Now I can have this and that. Yes!

I usually bake cakes, cookies, and pies with Splenda artificial sweetener. There's no after-taste and it doesn't give me any side effects, some people say Splenda gives them headaches.

'Franks' brand does a very nice diabetic vanilla ice cream.

And Werther's Original candy comes in a sugar free pack now. Yummy!

Being a diabetic isn't all that horrible if you watch your intake and check labels on everything. Everything. I'm not an expert on the subject but I'm learning all the time.


406 Olivia said...

My oldest son has had Type 1 diabetes for 6 years. Is that what you have?

Also, my brother and his wife are adoptive parents. Check out her blog:


And thanks for following!

Eve said...

Hiya Olivia, Thanks for visiting! Yes, it is type one that I have, as your son I'm sure knows it's nothing to play around with.

Thank you for pointing me to your family's sit, I'll visit right now. :D

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