Saturday, February 20

At Least I Gave It A Go...

Two years ago I got this awesome idea about making Greeting Cards for interracial couples.

Having tons of magazines around my house gave me plenty of materials to work with considering that I wanted to do abstract, montage images. So I went to snipping and ripping and cutting and gluing until my office looked like Broadway after a ticker-tape parade.
And here we have the two end products of my heartfelt, grueling labour.
Needless to say, my new career in card making went up in smoke. Or at least that's what it should have done. So I moved on to another hobby, jewellery making, and folks I'm soooo much better at that craft. As far as making cards go, I at least can say I gave it a go. What have you given a go to and it ended up a nasty mess?

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