Sunday, February 14

My Earring Creations

Funky Flower Girls

I call these Funky Flower Girls. I really love mixing and matching my beads.
Each earring measures evenly and perfectly in length and weight dispite the beads being different sizes. This style is more of what I like to wear myself although I did give this set away to a very popular Jazz singer. So if you see a very beautiful, talented Jazz singer wearing these, you know who designed them. Me!
I call these earrings Outter Space Gold because the bottom bead looks like a space ship. The earrings are very light weight due to the beads being plastic. Up close one really can't tell they're not metal unless you feel them or look inside the holes.
Jewellery making is a passion of mine but I always have to be in the right mood for it because it takes a lot of patience and dexterity.
My messy desk including all sorts when I'm making and bagging my new creations.


UmaPreve said...

WOw, you are into jewelry too? I like that! Nice work with the earrings!

Lola Re said...

wow Eve, you are talented. How can you concentrate on something so small?! I would go crazy!!

Lola Re

Eve said...

Hi Uma, thanks for the complement. You are awesome with jewelry!! I really love the ring you make especially. Thanks for stopping by.

Eve said...

Hi Lola Re, thank you. I love fidgety little things. Sometimes I use tweezers for the tinest beads so that I don't go completely lu lu. :) I love your blog, it's Fashion Fabulous!

smidge girl said...

Oooh, I love messy desk photos, and yours is fabulous! I guess when you work with beautiful things, your mess is beautiful too, lol. I'm going to keep my eyes open for a gorgeous jazz singer with gorgeous earrings! Too cool!

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