Saturday, March 6

Apple Crumble Dessert

Apple Pie is as basic a recipe as ... well... Apple Pie! So for that reason this is not a recipe.

I wanted to make a huge, mammoth, juicy, yummy crumble experience for the two guys in my house. This is just how it went.

Please excuse my pictures because noodles, rice and syrup was not included in my pie. And if YOU include such ingredients in YOUR pie, you need to pay very close attention, then email me for my recipe. LOL

First, you start off with some good apples. Six red ones here, plus I included a yellow apple I found in my fridge, plus an additional bag of reds.

I pealed my apples with a knife, (because a certain someone misplaced my potato pealer), then cut them into medium size bits. And you know I was munching as I went along. :)

I set out all of my ingredients ready to use. I could have made my own pie crust from scratch but a pack of pastry mix is faster, I just added 8 tbl spoons of cold water to the shortcrust and set it aside. Apples are naturally sweet so not much sugar is needed in an apple pie/crumble. Since I'm a diabetic, natural sugar is like filthy poison to me anyway. So for my filling I used a bit of Splenda to mix with flour, raisins, all spice, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The shortcrust was laid into the biggest baking bowl I could find. Poking holes in the dough with a fork makes the crust come out flakier. Then I mixed my apples with the rest of the ingredients and scooped it all into the pie crust.

For the crumbly top, I mixed flour, Splenda and butter, and cut-crumbled it with a cold, sharp knife. Well, I don't use real butter, but it's hard to believe that I Can't Believe It's Not Butter is not real butter. You know what I mean! LOL. I also dart the apple mixture with 'butter' to make the pie juicy and succulent. Yum.

After sprinkling the crumbs on top, this is the finished product ready to bake for 40 minutes. Just enough time to clean up the messy counter top and wash the dishes.

I'm happy I got this shot of the finished product, the pie was going QUICKLY! Mmm, just look at the juice oooozing out. The apples were soft but solid, hot, gooey and sweet. The crumble was flaky and buttery, and it all went so well with Franks Diabetic Ice Cream.


Jacquelynne said...

I also always use premade pie crust- my grandmother used to make a good pastry but I never got the hang of it! And I also always do a crumb topping, because I think it's much more delicious than a plain pie crust!

Sarah-Jane - said...

looks nice - quite similar to the rough streusel topped one I made recently :-)

Eve said...

Hi Jacquelynne, I sure do like crumble crust better than plain, just like yourself. I think Grandmothers do better crust world wide. hee hee.

Eve said...

Hi Sarah-Jane, Yes, I love the baking projects that you work on. I look forward to seeing what you'd do next.

messyfish said...

looks delicious! thanks for following me. Hope you have a lovely creative day!!

Eve said...

Thanks Messyfish, I do love to bake. I enjoy your blog as well.

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