Saturday, March 27

Costume Jewelry with Style

The Obama Earrings are the collaboration between Sheila, a fantastic, innovative artist from New York, and myself.

Both sides of the earrings feature the picture of US President Barack Obama smiling handsomely.

The materials used to create this set included gold yarn, beads, gold vinyl, clothe and gold fish hook findings.

They hang at about 3 inches in length.

The gold Barack earrings were recently, rather easily, sold on Ebay. And I received pretty decent feedback from the purchaser saying his girlfriend absolutely loves them!

Remember the Time?

These Michael Jackson Earrings were created right after Michael passed away in June 2009. Again, a teamwork effort between Sheila and myself. Unlike the Obama Earrings, they feature two different pictures on either side; one of Michael from the early days in his life and career with The Jackson Five. The other picture is of him later in his life during his Remember The Time song release. I have to say I really dig these, I've never worn them but at the same time struggle with the thought of putting them up for sale.

Another pair of Obama Earrings in black. This pair is beaded with a black and gold emphasis.


 Simon Cowell Earrings

Okay, I take full 'credit' for this creation.  I personally like them. 

Because I have a like/not like relationship with Simon Cowell I made this weird combination of clay and paint, on Sterling Silver findings.

The Simon earrings were fun to create. If anything, they're definitely a conversation piece.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Your jewelry is fantastic! You are super talented and don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

Kella said...

These are ever so cool, I love them all. You mentioned selling, where are you going to sell your creations?

Eve said...

Thank you KMQ! As are you! You've made me clear my table to start sewing again, you're so inspiring!

Eve said...

Thank you very much Kella! Your jewellery creations are Super Cool! I used to sell on Ebay, but think Etsy is much nicer, although I've yet to try there. Basically I'm hoarding my stash :D

UmaPreve said...

wow, that is so creative! Very inspiring dear!

Eve said...

Thank you Uma! You inspire me to give myself a makeover!!! hahah. I need one :D

Stesha said...

So cute! I wish I could think of things like this.

Hugs and Mocha,

Sarah-Jane - said...

I'm sure you'd sell them via your blog if you priced them...

Eve said...

Hi Stesha, Hi Sarah-Jane,
Thank you both for visiting my blog!
I think 'thinking' of creative ideas and actually 'doing' them are different animals.

Stesha, I'm sure you can come up with lots of ideas, your blog shows your creativity juices flowing all the time. Give it a try. :)

Sarah-Jane, sometimes I can be a horrible hoarder, I get emotionaly attached to some creations and can't let go. These earrings are that way, I think. Thanks for encouragement though :)

Lola Re said...

The Simon Cowell earrings are soo funny! Humorous jewellry, I like!

Lola Re

heidi said...

I noticed you left a comment on Karen's blog (My Random Life Story), in response to her post about cutting up pineapple, I think... And I didn't recognize your name, so I came over to check out your blog.

I love all of this! The earrings enchant me. The Simon Cowell ones made me laugh.

But mostly I just wholeheartedly enjoy the sincerity of this blog. It was a joy to visit!

--Heidi (Karen's friend from Boise)

Eve said...

Hi Lola Re! So you like the Simon Cowell earrings huh? Do I dare say that you like Simon Cowell? haha

Hello Heidi! Thank you for visiting my little home on blogger. You are welcomed anytime!
Thank you for such a wonderful complement, I'm taking it to heart. I will be visiting your blog right now. (
See you soon. :D

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