Saturday, April 17

Cool Items That Cost Money

I think this is just smashing, and not because it's my favorite colour pink. It's an MP3 Carrying Case that comes with a built in speaker.

The sound comes through the perforated metallic layer. It can be clipped onto your jeans or carried in a handbag. And it only cost  $8.80 from

I probably won't purchase this because I've made my own MP3 carry case with felt and beads. But this one's far better.

Ever sit to dine at a restaurant and don't know where to safely put your purse or handbag? This stylish Jeweled Purse Hook allows you to bling out while you hang your purse under the table with style. It has a high polished finish and foamy surface underneath to prevent slipping off the table. This little bling only cost $3.80 from

Fantastic jeans, but that's not the cool item I would love to have.
It's the jean chain.
It's off the hook!
At about 7 bucks, it's a high polished decorated, two clasp chain with beaded accents and twisted strands. again. 

If ever in one of their stores, you might shop like crazy. I know I would.


Great earrings! To know me is to know that I'm an earring fanatic. And these two really float my boat. I would definitely purchase these Jewel-Encrusted Zipper earrings for $5.80, but the Threaded Earrings featuring a coiled edge and large teardrop design for $3.80 I wouldn't purchase.
Because lots of people are getting these, and why not, they are beautiful, it's the reason why I wont get them. 
I like to be a bit more unique.

Both earring sets found at, of course.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

THIS BLOG IS THE BOMB!!!!!! I love it here! Thanks so much for coming to visit me and leaving such a wonderful message and comment. I know how busy talented people are! I love key chain and the earrings and the pocket jewelry. How awesome! Your Banner really stole my heart cause I'm a family girl who loves all my old pictures of my family.
I will be coming back to visit you for sure!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Eve said...

Hi Vanessa!
Thank you for stopping by. And thank you for such a nice complement! I love your site so much ( and will be visiting all the time. You are so very talented.

That's my Grandma in the car on my header. I love old family pic too. This one taken right in New York City.

You inspire me to share one of my drawings.

Have a great weekend as well!!

Sofia Semedo said...

HI VERY NICE BLOG,make me wanna stay here for hours,good stufss to,i like de earings i have in pink and a pair in gold.
thank you for your comments ,i will be back soon to read more,keep bloggin.

Eve said...

Hi Sofia, Thank you for the wonderful complement! It means a lot to me.
And thank you for joining my blog, you are more than welcome to stay for hours, (except I haven't written that much yet :)

Please keep visiting. And I really like your blog too, you are such a talented artist! Don't ever stop.

Kella said...

Hey now Eve I am sure you cold whip up one of those Jean Chain accessories and really make it your own, go on I dare you ;)

Eve said...

Now Kella, if you double scoop, triple flavor, cherry on top with sprikled nuts dared me, I might consider it. :D

Although a chain for my own jeans would take too many years to link. Not gonna happen :)

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