Thursday, April 15

Doll Collecting

I didn't know there was a stigma attached to collecting dolls!!

I was recently made aware of this on a few dc blogs. According to some sources, doll collectors are weird loners, live in lala land, speak to inanimate objects, don't have friends, and are spooky and stuck in childhood.

Learning of this almost made me want to hide my hobby, keep it from family and friends, and blacken my windows incase someone sees a doll in my hand.  NOT! 

There are nearly 200+ dolls in my possession; Action Men, My Scene, Get Real Girlz, Barbie, etc. Collecting dolls puts a smile on my face, gives me something to invest disposable income on, and affords me a silly topic to blog about sometimes. It doesn't hurt anyone and doesn't cause me stress. It doesn't freak out my husband, and... it's without a doubt the best hobby I'm enjoying at the moment. So who cares what some say, everyone has to love something.
(Doll bedding created by me- my sewing hobby)

What do you love?


Lola Re said...

Do YOU, boo! :oP

Lola Re

Eve said...

Haha, thanks Lola Re! I've gotta be me.

Uma Preve said...

150 dolls! OMG, that is a collection! :)

Eve said...

But guess what Uma, I'm really a newbie, 150 is nothing compared to a lot of other doll collectors.

I do plan on increasing my stash this summer. Yippie!

Kella said...

I say do what makes you happy and keeps you sane, loved the last pic, she looked very comfy.

Eve said...

Hi Kella,
She's a little too comfy. Thanks Kella. It does make me smile.

Danielle said...

I didn't even count my dolls when I took them out of the closet to pack. I think I have somewhere around 100 still in boxes never opened. I'm going to will them to my daughter.

Thank you for stopping by to see me at my blog. :) It's nice to see new faces.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I am an avid doll collector also; I only keep 30 or so in my house now as I have passed most on to my daughter's and grand daughter's..but I do have a weakness and tend to bring one home now and then. I keep them in my guest room and no one will sleep in grand kids sleep with me or in my office because they are scared of the dolls. I won't tell anyone if you promise not to tell!

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