Tuesday, April 20

I Need a Chill Pill

Just went to see my doctor today and I can’t help but feel uplifted and full of joy!
What? Going to see your doctor doesn’t make you feel the same? Oh, that’s because you don’t have my doctor. She is the bees’ knees (British term which basically means she’s awesome).
I don’t even have to tell her much of what’s ailing me, just on the line of, and she tells me the rest. “That’s right, that’s right,” I say, shaking my head and wanting to hug her, and feeling most happy to not even have to pay for the visit.

When I was in America, I was under HIP health insurance, and Medicaid when I was poorer. Neither health coverage systems left me feeling cared for, to put it nicely. Under Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) not only can I see a number of caring doctors and specialists, but there’s no different care given to me than given to a rich person, no one asks can I afford the bill before seeing me in their office, and because I’m a diabetic I don’t have to pay for my meds of any kind. I love the NHS! I wish all American’s could have access to this type of tax-covered care. Now with that said, the clinic needs more spaces in the parking lot and could use a better ventilation system in the waiting room… and… and… can a person ever be truly satisfied? :)
(photo by Renjith Krishnan / Freedigitalphotos.net)


Stesha said...

That's excellent. All people should be provided with outstanding care, no matter their financial status.

Hugs and Mocha,

missficklemedia.com said...

Wonderful! The last thing a sick person needs to worry about is how to afford being sick.

Eve said...

Hi Stesha, you are so right. It's just so basic, isn't it.

Hi Shannon, welcome to my humble abode! Thank you for your comments. I think tax-based health coverage is wonderful, my concerning prayers are with the US in sorting such an important matter out.

Kella said...

No health coverage is one of the main reasons I could never live in the US, Trinidad and the UK have spoilt me regarding that issue.

I'm really glad you can have a better peace of mind about that now Eve.

Eve said...

Hi wonderful Kella,
Trinidad has free health care too? My family would love to hear that, they shall be 'visiting' soon :D

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