Thursday, April 15

My Spring Make-Over

Spring has sprung! And lot’s of people believe Spring means spring cleaning around the house. Sure it can, but it also can mean sprucing up ones look. Recently, I’ve been inspired by two awesome blogs to give a go at re-styling myself. I turned to UmaPreve for makeup tips and to Bglhonline for hair styling dos and don’ts.

Please don’t let my pictures reflect poorly of the advice found on both wonderful sites, I take sole responsibility for my own look. 

I applied bright colours to my eyes (silver and purple) and lips (raspberry) then blackened my eyelashes with mascara. Applying flattering colours is not an easy thing to do. I applied a light foundation to my face but it didn't do anything for me so I washed it off.

I released my hair from wet twists and gone buck natural. My hair feels soft and spongy, kept asking my husband to bounce his hands on my head to see how bouncy my hair was. He loves me natural. And so do I. Chances are I’ll probably never perm, straighten or ad extensions to my hair again. (This year)

I pinned a fabric flower in my hair and played around in my jewelry box picking lots of pinks and browns (My two favorite colour combos).

So thank-you to the two lovely blogs, I shall be returning often. As you can see I need plenty more tips.

And back to Pink and Brown, did I mention that it's my absolute FAVORITE two colours. I made myself a jewelry set featuring these two colours in varying degrees.

The earrings, necklace and bracelet took me nearly 3 hours to complete. I purchased the pieces in New York last summer and finally got around to working with it. I think the outcome is pretty sweet.  What do you think?

I feel selfish if I make a really nice jewelry set and keep it for myself. But I think I deserve something nice too. This is the first complete set that I've kept just for me.


Uma Preve said...

Aww, that is so sweet of you to mention my blog. Big hugs! You look great with the flower! Very pretty jewelry! You got skills lady!

Eve said...

Thanks a lot Uma, coming from you, the jewelry complement touches my heart. You have crazy skills! With make-up to!

Dom said...


Kella said...

I love your spring make over very cute and feminine, looks like you had fun doing it too.

Eve said...

Hello Dom! Thanks for visiting (your wife's) blog! You always support my new looks, you're cool like that. Thanks

Hello Kella!
Thanks a bunch for the complement! Yes, I did have fun doing it, don't keep up with makeup every day but I love my new afro hair style :)

~EssenseVibez~ said...

you my friend, are so beautiful!---and the jewelry is funkee fresh---i'm going to follow your blog so i can keep up with you and your creationz!---remain blessed--peace.

Eve said...

Hello EssenseVibez! What a pleasure to have you follow my measly blog!! And thank you very much for the funkee fresh comment!

YOur blog is so cool, the whole look and what you post I enjoy each visit! All the best!!

BBM said...

ooooober CUTE! ure so creative!

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