Sunday, May 30

Girly Top Sewing Project

Pulling out the summer clothes this weekend led me to find this nifty little number. I made this top last summer. It's my creation of combining two previous shirts;
1. a pink t-shirt that I hated for being too short waisted and sleeveless, and
2.  an overly flowery see thru blouse I purchased in Poland a few years ago.

Here's what the blouse looked like in Poland

I don't have a picture of me wearing the T-Shirt,
But here is the finished product of the two combined. 
What do you think?

Saturday, May 29

How to Cut Green Beans

I know exactly what you're thinking, 
"Why is she trying to teach someone how to cut their green beans?"

Because I didn't know how!!
That's why. hehheeee

1. Line up the beans at the bottom of the bag.

2. Slice through the end of the bag with the lined up beans, removing the ends.

(I forgot where I learned this, but wherever I learned it, it's taught me two lessons in one. This technique taught me something about my childhood, that I must have been an annoying child due to the fact that my mother used to sit me down at the kitchen table with a pot full of green beans and ask me to snap off the ends with my bare fingers, one by one. Surely, she must have thought that I needed a hobby).

(Sometimes we do things in adulthood that we don't really think about, but do it out of habit, or tradition or because 'Momma did it this way.' Until one day it hits you, "Why Am I Snapping Greenbeans!?")

3. Turn the bag around, and shake the beans down to the opposite sealed side of the bag.

4. And chop the ends off the same as the first time, slicing through the entire bag.


(Here is where you see that this is such a time saver.)

There you have it! This could have saved me hours as a kid! If I only knew.
(NExt WEek: The Proper Way To Fold Bloomers)

My Left Foot

Every morning I feel really guilty about the attention that I give to my left foot.

You know the process we girls go though after just getting out of the shower, ie. applying deodorant, maybe talc or fragrance, and smoothing in moisturizer, maybe into our hair or into our skin.

Well, after all that, I sit on the side of my bed and moisturize my left foot. Since my early twenties, my left foot has always been a bit dry and if left as is, can get pretty rough. My right foot is fine, smoothed skin and soft as butter. But the fact that my feet are two different textures trips me out and upsets me over the injustice!

Of course I’m not in a rage over the injustice of having one rough/one smooth foot, but the fact that the left, rough one gets the lotion makes me angry!!

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘the loudest chirp gets the worm,’ - as when a mother bird feeds her babies? Or ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil,’ or any term along this line? Do you not find these sad facts of life downright rotten?

Why can't the quiet birdies get a worm too? Why can’t the wheel that doesn’t squeak get a squeeze of that oil? And why can’t my good foot, that doesn’t itch me at night, and doesn’t snag on my sock as I’m pulling it off, get caressed and massaged with Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion!!

The bigger picture. The things we do. The way we think. And we know it’s wrong. We reward bad behaviour. We give ear to a bit of gossip. We pass along a bit of bad news, while good news dies at the second person. We complain to the manager about the snotty waitress, but the great waitress’s manager hears nothing about her. Certainly this doesn't apply to all people, but a lot of people indeed.

So should I caress and moisturize my good foot just because the dry foot needs it? I’ll admit I tried that, and realized that it uses up too much lotion, it eats into my time, and it doesn't make a difference to the good foot anyway. And that’s what I’m upset about, how easily treating the good one nicely can fall by the wayside.

(And I guess you can say these feelings are hightened by growing up with a bad behaving older sibling, and yet, the behaved one (me) also deserved, wanted and needed attention). I know it sounds funny to say, but I can relate to my own right foot.

Sunday, May 23

Car Boot Sale Fun

Hello there.
Today I went to a Car Boot Sale,
outside flea market, a  place where people empty out their cars filled with mostly used items to sell to people like me looking for a bargain. I so love going to these with a pocket full of pound coins on a nice warm day like today. There are so many car boot sales around on the weekends, I could just take a pick from my local newspaper listings but my all-time favorite is the MASSIVE sale at Marsh Barton. And it seems to grow larger every year.

There's something called haggling that I've never been good at, but since I'm told it's a custom at car boot sales, why not do as the English do. I found a box full of badge-pack buttons selling for £1 each ($1.64 usd). I picked up two packs, put a coin in my hand, and headed over to the seller asking sweetly, "Could you please take a pound for two of these?" He said, "Go on then." And that was my one and only haggle of the day. Yeah, I know. I'm good. :D

I just had to take this picture of a box of BROKEN Biscuits (cookies). They actually sell them broken! Talk about keeping it real!  

Then as I'm walking, I look down and see the prettiest little baby dress just calling out my name, "Sucker, Sucker, over here."  So I HAD to get it. Isn't it darling? Only .50p (.73cents)!

Not only do I purchase baby clothes for children that I don't yet have, (I've done this regarding my wedding outfit before I was even in a relationship as well, but that's another post entitled; 'One Can Never Be Too Prepared.') but I've also gotten pretty decent baby toys, a great pram (stroller), and baby bath from car boot sales. It seems unfair to raise children not to know the joy of secondhand items. heheee (she laughs with a 'well, it was good enough for me' grin).
I got this really stylish red pocketbook for only .50p!

Dolls were everywhere and calling out my name as well, but I was so good. I'm a doll collector but was on my best behaviour not to spend all my money on dolls, doll houses, doll cars, clothes, etc. Don't get me wrong, I did look and rummage through a few boxes, but knew that I had too many dolls at home and so bringing in more would just be greedy. To reward myself for being so disciplined in the face of so much temptation, I gifted myself a doll.   Just one!
Supposedly she's Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider movie, a doll I didn't have. Her weapons were missing but that's cool with me. Oh, and I purchased one little pink and white rocking horse. It was only .20p! The rocking horse is to complete the baby nursery on my book shelf.

Booksellers where everywhere, and since I was getting low on change I had to narrow down my choices to these three. Total only £1.20. The 'Book of Baking ' was a pleasant discovery, but 'Damaged' and 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' were two books I've always wanted to read.

I had a great day out, and now I'll take a rest on the couch and read a bit, and enjoy a cold drink. Hope you all have had a great weekend too. And tell me, where is your favorite place to shop?

My Generous Cousin

This is my generous, stylish, humours, sweet and warmhearted cousin, Shamina. She's a student on a serious mission, loves travelling to different places and often feeds her tiny turtle named Snaps.

I remember when she was a little girl, she used to visit my house and play in my jewellery box, doing herself up in my and my mother's clothes and shoes.

Now, 18 years later, she's as full of life as she ever was!

I visited her house in New York last summer and rummaged through her jewellery box finding the latest must haves and unique bling. And Wow, did she really hit me up with a lot of goodies. If I said that I liked something, she'd say, "You can have it, Evette." She even went out and purchased me a duplicate of her bracelet that has the Ten Commandments on it.

Not only does Shamina have a great sense of humour and the cutest laugh ever, she's a strong headed, positive young lady, street savvy and a good friend. She's just totally awesome. Love you Mina! And thanks for the goodies!

Thursday, May 20

Eve's Chowdown Ginger Cookies

These cookies are Awesome! If you're in the mood to munch on moist, spicey, surprisingly rich and delicious cookies, this is your recipe to keep.  This recipe makes 2 dozen plump cookies.

Eve's Chowdown Ginger Cookies (2 Dozen)

3 bowls would be useful (all of my cookie recipes seem to require 3 bowls for some reason :)

In bowl 1 combine:
2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour (280 grams in UK)
1/2 tsp of pepper
1/2 tsp of allspice
1/4 tsp of salt
1 tsp of baking soda
1 tsp of cinnamon
3 tsp of ground ginger

In bowl 2 cream together:
3/4 cup of margarine of butter softned (170 grams in UK)
1 cup of packed white or brown sugar or artifical sweetner (225 grams in UK)

In bowl 3 whip together:
1 egg
3 table spoons of orange juice or water
1/4 cup of syrup or sugarfree syrup or molasses (4 table spoons in UK)

Now mix everything together and whip it like it bit ya!
Wrap mixture in cling film to refridgerate for at least half and hour, otherwise the mixture would be too sticky to work with.

Once cold, roll cookie dough into walnut size balls, then flatten with a spoon on non-greased sheet. (With this batch I've added a small spoon full of strawberry jam in the center of each)

Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) in pre-heated oven
Bake for 10-12 minutes.

Let cool and marvel the really cool crackles on the cookies. Enjoy them warm, and with a nice tall, cold glass of milk. Mmmm. Yummy!

Wednesday, May 19

Adoption Fundraiser

I am taking part in an Adoption Fundraiser found on Storing Up Treasures blog. It's really a great cause helping families who have the space, support and love for welcoming and raising children who are parentless, domestically and internationally. 

To know me is to know that I'm broke as a joke, but managed to scrape up $5 to donate. Would you be able to donate as well? You can do it through Paypal. Please head over to Storing Up Treasures and check out what's going on, read and see pictures of the families that could use the help. This is direct help. Really direct. And such a worthy cause. You can even win some funky cool prizes donated by kind hearted people.
Update: This was a very successful fundraiser and has now finished. ALL 26 families were given a donation to their adoption funds, one family received $5,000 as the blessed winners. I was glad to participate in the fundraiser, these types would always have a place in my heart.

Horror Story

The past two days have been the most horrible I've experienced in a long, long time. I've been looking for work recently, applying online and through the government jobcentre for work, sending out my cv/resume to folks, but not receiving many call backs. I started sending off speculative enquiry letters to local businesses asking for work who weren't even advertising! All to no avail, with the exception of a local residential care home whose Manager called me in twice for an interview!

I've been hired as a Carer!
So I'm so overjoyed, never having worked as a carer before, just really grateful for the opportunity and eager to get started. Unfortunately I had to wait until my Criminal Background Check was completed, in the mean time being so desperate to bring in an income, I still send out my CV, but still really looking forward to working at this care home. When given the tour of the place it seemed so wonderful, friendly staff, lovely residents, clean and up to scratch.

Nearly two months go by. Fast forward to last Thursday, my head is bowed and I'm praying to God for a job break through, when the phone rings! I'm asked if I could start the care home night-shift on Sunday night! Yippy. Finally, I'm saying to myself, yes indeed I'm saying to the manager. The hours to work are from 9:15pm to 7:30am.

My husband's so cute, he's showering me congrats, but at the same time saying how much he's going to miss me overnight. And I him, but really looking forward to working and doing a job that I feel I'm called for, caring for other people who can't care for themselves. I don't mind that it's the midnight shift, I don't mind that it pays minimum wage. I don't care that I have college degrees suited for a different field. I'm at that age (38) where I now want to do what gives me personal joy. I've had lots of different jobs in my life, from being a death certificate issuer in NYC, (super busy job), to selling shoes at Payless, (constantly having to run off the local foot fetish shoe sniffers when customers who removed their shoes to try on new ones found their old ones missing). I worked at a Theological Seminary library, putting Mylar protection over books and papers from 17th century, I've been a church secretary, I've been a top seller of Coco Chanel high priced items at world famous Bloomingdales. I could go on and on. A lot of my previous jobs were to bide my time, to get to somewhere else, or to make lots of money. I'm done with those reasons now. 

I'm super excited about helping the elderly, turned up nice and early, said goodbye to the massive day staff who told me all residents where in bed. It was just me and the one carer I was to shadow while she showed me the ropes. She was such a doll, but the whole ten hours I only got to sit down and rest for 10 minutes! If I told you all that I had to do, I could write a book!! So would you mind a poem?

Upstairs, downstairs, changing diapers, making tea.
Scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming carpets, polishing tables, mopping up pee.
Washing laundry, folding clothing, ironing sheets, tripping over the cat.
Cleaning the kitchen, taking out garbage,  my ankles are killing me, never felt so fat.
Trying to stop R from whipping out his willy, trying to stops M from ripping off her clothes.
Checking that everyone’s breathing every two hours, reminding myself this is the job that I chose!
I lost my voice, I'm sweating bullets, getting the rooms confused, in need of a map,
The call-bells ringing, running to help, told next week I'm on my own,
Oh she shouldn't have said that!

I made it through the shift, but I was a complete and utter mess!! My husband had to drive me home after my shift because I could not physically walk the short distance home. I fell on my bed crying  and was in dire pain. I was emotionally drained and my spirit was broken. It took me till now to recover, and this morning, being totally torn up inside, I had to inform the manager that I would not be returning. She said she totally understood.

Why is it that good intentions sometimes turn out bad? Why did I have to feel so full of joy in getting this job, thanking God for His blessing, but it turned out to be a horror? I have nightmares now, I feel like a failure now, and I'm back to being jobless!!


I'm back to sending off CVs/resumes again today. I can't stay sad, I have to pick up and carry on, I will survive, and all those other good songs from the 70's. heehee. Thanks for allowing me to share with you. I'll be fine, God is good, He'll sort me out.

Monday, May 10

Plus Size Pretty Spring Tops

I would love to rock these tops this spring! I found them at
I'm contemplating tossing out all my old clothes no longer good, and forcing myself to get new tops otherwise I'd just have to stay in the house in my bra and nightgown.  

Leopard Crinkled Peasant Bloouse $43, and  Bead Neck Tie Dyed Tunic $40.
Rosa Blossom Print Tunic $30. 
 Sometimes I feel really guilty purchasing things for myself, so if I did have the money to treat myself to these pretty tops, I probably wouldn't. Is that normall?

Sunday, May 9

Christian Blogger Widgets / Buttons

I've made a few more Buttons (or Widgets as they are also called).
Feel Free to take them. Remember:
They are Free!
They Won't Link Back To My Site!
No attributing credit neccessary!
So be my guest to GRAB IT!

If I find myself not being able to stop making buttons, I might start a new blog just full of them! Should I?

Saturday, May 8

Free Christian Blogger Buttons

Here are a few more free Christian blogger buttons I've made. It's so fun creating them, I just might do this forever. Hope you enjoy! (Should you need instructions on how to apply them to your blog, please see previous post)




Friday, May 7

Free Blogger Button

Hello there,
I've been searching the web for really cute buttons that won't link back to any particular website, and that would express something wonderful. Because I've had a difficult time finding many, I've decided to create my own buttons!

And to Share them!
They Won't Link Back To My Site!
No attributing credit neccessary!
So be my guest to GRAB IT!
This feature shall be growing, and growing as I create more and more buttons. Please tell me what you think if you wish. All the best! Your girl Eve!

Have fun and enjoy!!!
Here are the instructions with this first one as an example.

Just copy and paste the code below into your Add A Gadget - HTML/Javascript window. And save!

If any problems, please let me know, but it should be quite easy.

P.S. to center the button just put a < at the front of the code, type in center then close it with > Do the same thing at the very end of the code and click save.

Sunday, May 2

Back To My Love Of Drawing

Mommy Taught Me
(Click image to enlarge)

This is one of my favorite drawings called 'Mommy Taught Me.' The inspiration behind it is my dear Mom, who taught me lots of artful things, and my particular fav was sewing.

The person who inspired me to find my hidden-away sketches and art supplies is Vanessa Brantley-Newton.

I’ve recently started following her blog Ooh La La Design Studio and I just get so tickled looking at her work! Vanessa’s so inspiring, she does it all, illustrations, writing books, she sings, she cooks, she’s a Mom, Wife and awesomely beautiful woman inside and out. Check her out!

Thanks Vanessa for getting me (to get my husband) to dig through the dusty garage for my art supplies!! I'm having a ball! :D

My New Name

  (Real conversation I had with my husband)
                                                     Honey? Hun?
      I think I want to write a book about my life growing up. Though, I don't know if I want to use my real name, I mean my family would know I'm writing about them if they know it's me. I need an alias. 

How about Florence Mcflurry?
   Well...not quite me

Doris Donut?
   Doris Donut?

Lucy Brucie?

Sally McNally?

Rosie Dandelion?

Penny Arcade?

Trixy Popper?
     You know what, I'm gonna stick to the good name my mother gave me. My family is just gonna have'ta bite the bullet. Thanks for your help.

No problem. (He smiles)

(Drawing by Eve; Materials used: Colour pencils and free internet program)

All Of My Children

I'm a dutiful follower of a variety of parenting, adoption and homeschooling blogs. I love reading about big families getting bigger and bigger, homes filled with love and commitment, tips from happy couples or strong single moms, of disciplining and rewarding children for good or bad behaviours, and homeschooling curriculums fascinate me.

The authors of these blogs that I follow probably have taken a few minutes to check out my blog to see if it's similar to theirs, scanning for pictures of my children, seeing if I'm posting about lunchbox fills, or cute jokes my kids come up with. I feel really bad to say, but I'm sorry, I don't have any children.

When I was a little girl, all of my dolls were adopted children in my mind. As a teen, erroneously, I thought that women who had their own children were selfish for not adopting. In my twenties I signed up for adoption seminars. I wanted to build a career around being in the presence of children all day so I've earned a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and taught in several classrooms as a student teacher. But now, in my thirties and married, I want to desperately give my husband a biological baby of our own. My husband would truly make a wonderful father and I would love to look into a baby’s eyes and see my husbands', or my own.

I love children!

But my reality really stinks. Too often drooling after the babies I see in the local Tesco supermarket. I adore babies. But I’ve lost two by miscarriage and feel that a huge chunk of me died with each one. I think I would be an awesome Mom. Too often I find myself asking God why me? Why do I have to be the barren one in a family full of fertility-blessed women? Whose toes did I ever step on? I surely must have crushed then down to the white meat!

My mother used to tell me that her mother had 6 miscarriages before she conceived. I’m sorry but, “I’m just not that into you,” I would have to tell my ovaries, because 6 miscarriages would drive me straight loo loo. And in fact, I can’t bear to imagine experiencing a third miscarriage. I’m so afraid and I worry all the time. And I’m fearful that what God has placed into my heart will never get to manifest.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” And

And one of my favorite scriptures, 2nd Timothy 1:7 says “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” So my worrying and fear is truly out of place.

I’m thinking of adoption now. Again. It sets really well with my husband and I. So I’m back searching into it and learning all I can, and know that if God wills it, He will choose all of our children for us. And He will provide a way to get them home.
(Artwork by Eve; Materials: Colour Pencils and free software download)
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