Wednesday, May 19

Adoption Fundraiser

I am taking part in an Adoption Fundraiser found on Storing Up Treasures blog. It's really a great cause helping families who have the space, support and love for welcoming and raising children who are parentless, domestically and internationally. 

To know me is to know that I'm broke as a joke, but managed to scrape up $5 to donate. Would you be able to donate as well? You can do it through Paypal. Please head over to Storing Up Treasures and check out what's going on, read and see pictures of the families that could use the help. This is direct help. Really direct. And such a worthy cause. You can even win some funky cool prizes donated by kind hearted people.
Update: This was a very successful fundraiser and has now finished. ALL 26 families were given a donation to their adoption funds, one family received $5,000 as the blessed winners. I was glad to participate in the fundraiser, these types would always have a place in my heart.


linds said...

Thank you so much for being apart of this Eve! I'm still praying for a wide open door to open up for you and your husband to start your journey to become parents. :0)

Eve said...

Thank you so much Linds. I will pray for your family too. All the very best.

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