Sunday, May 23

Car Boot Sale Fun

Hello there.
Today I went to a Car Boot Sale,
outside flea market, a  place where people empty out their cars filled with mostly used items to sell to people like me looking for a bargain. I so love going to these with a pocket full of pound coins on a nice warm day like today. There are so many car boot sales around on the weekends, I could just take a pick from my local newspaper listings but my all-time favorite is the MASSIVE sale at Marsh Barton. And it seems to grow larger every year.

There's something called haggling that I've never been good at, but since I'm told it's a custom at car boot sales, why not do as the English do. I found a box full of badge-pack buttons selling for £1 each ($1.64 usd). I picked up two packs, put a coin in my hand, and headed over to the seller asking sweetly, "Could you please take a pound for two of these?" He said, "Go on then." And that was my one and only haggle of the day. Yeah, I know. I'm good. :D

I just had to take this picture of a box of BROKEN Biscuits (cookies). They actually sell them broken! Talk about keeping it real!  

Then as I'm walking, I look down and see the prettiest little baby dress just calling out my name, "Sucker, Sucker, over here."  So I HAD to get it. Isn't it darling? Only .50p (.73cents)!

Not only do I purchase baby clothes for children that I don't yet have, (I've done this regarding my wedding outfit before I was even in a relationship as well, but that's another post entitled; 'One Can Never Be Too Prepared.') but I've also gotten pretty decent baby toys, a great pram (stroller), and baby bath from car boot sales. It seems unfair to raise children not to know the joy of secondhand items. heheee (she laughs with a 'well, it was good enough for me' grin).
I got this really stylish red pocketbook for only .50p!

Dolls were everywhere and calling out my name as well, but I was so good. I'm a doll collector but was on my best behaviour not to spend all my money on dolls, doll houses, doll cars, clothes, etc. Don't get me wrong, I did look and rummage through a few boxes, but knew that I had too many dolls at home and so bringing in more would just be greedy. To reward myself for being so disciplined in the face of so much temptation, I gifted myself a doll.   Just one!
Supposedly she's Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider movie, a doll I didn't have. Her weapons were missing but that's cool with me. Oh, and I purchased one little pink and white rocking horse. It was only .20p! The rocking horse is to complete the baby nursery on my book shelf.

Booksellers where everywhere, and since I was getting low on change I had to narrow down my choices to these three. Total only £1.20. The 'Book of Baking ' was a pleasant discovery, but 'Damaged' and 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' were two books I've always wanted to read.

I had a great day out, and now I'll take a rest on the couch and read a bit, and enjoy a cold drink. Hope you all have had a great weekend too. And tell me, where is your favorite place to shop?


Uma Preve said...

It's nice to know that you had a great day at the market. Good picks!

Lola Re said...

I've never been to a car boot sale! Your post makes me wanna go to Hope you're doing well Eve! Lola Re

Meredith said...

How cool! That looked like a TON of fun! I love your hair in the last pic, by the way! Cute!


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