Friday, May 7

Free Blogger Button

Hello there,
I've been searching the web for really cute buttons that won't link back to any particular website, and that would express something wonderful. Because I've had a difficult time finding many, I've decided to create my own buttons!

And to Share them!
They Won't Link Back To My Site!
No attributing credit neccessary!
So be my guest to GRAB IT!
This feature shall be growing, and growing as I create more and more buttons. Please tell me what you think if you wish. All the best! Your girl Eve!

Have fun and enjoy!!!
Here are the instructions with this first one as an example.

Just copy and paste the code below into your Add A Gadget - HTML/Javascript window. And save!

If any problems, please let me know, but it should be quite easy.

P.S. to center the button just put a < at the front of the code, type in center then close it with > Do the same thing at the very end of the code and click save.

1 comment:

Kella said...

That is too cute and most generous of you. love it too bits.

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