Saturday, May 29

How to Cut Green Beans

I know exactly what you're thinking, 
"Why is she trying to teach someone how to cut their green beans?"

Because I didn't know how!!
That's why. hehheeee

1. Line up the beans at the bottom of the bag.

2. Slice through the end of the bag with the lined up beans, removing the ends.

(I forgot where I learned this, but wherever I learned it, it's taught me two lessons in one. This technique taught me something about my childhood, that I must have been an annoying child due to the fact that my mother used to sit me down at the kitchen table with a pot full of green beans and ask me to snap off the ends with my bare fingers, one by one. Surely, she must have thought that I needed a hobby).

(Sometimes we do things in adulthood that we don't really think about, but do it out of habit, or tradition or because 'Momma did it this way.' Until one day it hits you, "Why Am I Snapping Greenbeans!?")

3. Turn the bag around, and shake the beans down to the opposite sealed side of the bag.

4. And chop the ends off the same as the first time, slicing through the entire bag.


(Here is where you see that this is such a time saver.)

There you have it! This could have saved me hours as a kid! If I only knew.
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linds said...

I can remember sitting on my grandma's back porch snappin away at the green beans she picked from the garden too. Guess it is just "one of those things". Funny how sometimes we make things harder than they really need to be. Thanks for the tip :0)

Rotterdam said...

wath a good idea.
thank s

Eve said...

Hahaaa, Linds,
Grandmother must have thought you needed a hobby as well :D You're welcome for the tip.

Eve said...

Hello Sofia 'Rotterdam'
Thanks, and give it a go, it really is quick and easy.

Uma Preve said...

That's a great idea! However I was wondering won't you want to wash the beans before cutting. Just to get rid of any traces of pesticides or unknown stuff. I usually wash just to be safe. I guess it's fine if it's eco friendly! I like posts like this. Makes one think out of the box!

Eve said...

Who has time for washing beans Uma? Haha, nah just joking. I wash after the chopping, thanks for the complement but I don't remember where I learned this. Hmmm, I'm getting old.

Pam said...

OMGosh! This is a fantastic tip; I swear I spent half my summer evenings as a kid "breaking beans". Never in a million years would I have thought to do this. Yeah!

Eve said...

Hi Pam, hahaaa, I know your pain my friend, all those hours we could have been playing in mud! :D

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