Sunday, May 23

My Generous Cousin

This is my generous, stylish, humours, sweet and warmhearted cousin, Shamina. She's a student on a serious mission, loves travelling to different places and often feeds her tiny turtle named Snaps.

I remember when she was a little girl, she used to visit my house and play in my jewellery box, doing herself up in my and my mother's clothes and shoes.

Now, 18 years later, she's as full of life as she ever was!

I visited her house in New York last summer and rummaged through her jewellery box finding the latest must haves and unique bling. And Wow, did she really hit me up with a lot of goodies. If I said that I liked something, she'd say, "You can have it, Evette." She even went out and purchased me a duplicate of her bracelet that has the Ten Commandments on it.

Not only does Shamina have a great sense of humour and the cutest laugh ever, she's a strong headed, positive young lady, street savvy and a good friend. She's just totally awesome. Love you Mina! And thanks for the goodies!


Meredith said...

That's a very sweet post, Eve!

Madeline said...

Very sweet post! How nice to have someone in your life to write that about. Two lucky girls :)

Scheryka Sews 41 said...

I love that Coconut Craze. I bought the whole set but unfortunatly it was "borrowed" by one of my baby sisters so I know i will not see it again. (Yes, she took the whole set.)

Eve said...

Thank you Meredith,

Thank you Madeline,

Hi Scheryka, on no, sorry youe whole purfume set was "borrowed" heheee, you might see it again if you borrow it back :D

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