Sunday, May 2

My New Name

  (Real conversation I had with my husband)
                                                     Honey? Hun?
      I think I want to write a book about my life growing up. Though, I don't know if I want to use my real name, I mean my family would know I'm writing about them if they know it's me. I need an alias. 

How about Florence Mcflurry?
   Well...not quite me

Doris Donut?
   Doris Donut?

Lucy Brucie?

Sally McNally?

Rosie Dandelion?

Penny Arcade?

Trixy Popper?
     You know what, I'm gonna stick to the good name my mother gave me. My family is just gonna have'ta bite the bullet. Thanks for your help.

No problem. (He smiles)

(Drawing by Eve; Materials used: Colour pencils and free internet program)


mangocheeks said...

:D I am just grimacing.

Wonderful sketches.

Dom said...

Surely hubby must get an 'A for effort' at least?!

Kella said...

Made me smile, reminds me of some of my pillow talk with my hubby.

Faith said...

hahahaha, this is hilarious!

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