Tuesday, June 15

Home Made Headbands

Figuring into my new look is an easy, simple hair style that I can wear all Summer, but sprucing up the look with colourful headbands. As some of you mentioned, the headaches you can get with wearing headbands can really be annoying. I was finding that my one and only black headband caused me serious mood changes. So what does a jobless girl, with little spending cash do when she wants perfect fitting, headache-less headbands? Scrap it baby!

Yup, I pulled out my fabric scraps and got down to work.
These are really easy to make, AND they don't cause headaches.

You can make them to match an outfit, a handbag, etc. Here's how I do it.

I first made a paper pattern for the band, and on that pattern I also marked the length I needed for the elastic piece at the back.  (click picture to enlarge)

Now, my head is what I like to call 'full' (some might say big bucket) so I cut this pattern based on my required size :D   It measures 11.5 inches in legnth. And because I wanted my bands to be thick, 6 inches width. Adjust this as best suits you through trial and error.

Trace the pattern on the back side of your fabric, then cut out the fabric piece. Cut the correct legnth of elastic piece you'd need as well. My elastic piece measured 7.5 inches.

Fold fabric in half.
(Right side in.)
Then stitch close along the open side. 

Turn entire band inside out.

On one end of the band, tuck in the edges and place one end of your eslatic inside. Sew this straight across once.   

On the second crossing, bunch your fabric back with your finger (careful not to stictch your finger) Sew in this manner one or two more times, just to make the edge that tucks behind your ear smaller. 

Take to embellishing your band with beads, flowers or buttons, stitching on ribbon or bows. Complete this before connecting the other side of the band and elastic in the same fashion as how detailed above.  

So happy headbanding!!
And just think, depending on how your sweetie behaves - these also can be used as sling shots :D  


~EssenseVibez~ said...

work it gurl---those are adorable---you need to setup a etsy s hop--think about it!---remain blessed my friend!

ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

Oh these are super cute.My daughter made a freebie headband out of some cute tights that got holes in them. I will post about it one day. Love yours!


Mamarazzi said...


Lola Re said...

Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL! You should do a tutorial on it! :o) Lola Re

Kat said...

OHHHH! I LOVE it!!!! I love the wider bands for my girls and you actually just made it look easy! I don't have a sewing machine, but TOTALLY think I could set down and work on some by hand during my down time....AWESOME!!!!!!

Uma Preve said...

Wow, you are awesome! What a lovely idea! I don't like headbands because it gives me a headache. But i think I will try this one out. I didn't know you sew! I like!

Courtney said...

What a great idea! These turned out so great. I love the one with the buttons. : )

Loving The Reflection

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Very cute. Would look great under my motorcycle helmet...camoflauge(sp)for helmet hair!

Rotterdam said...


Sarah said...

Love them Eve!

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog, don't forget to send me a photo of your dolly!

Take care & Happy Sewing!

Dolly Donations: Sending Love, 1 Dolly at a Time

Tinuke said...

so creative!!!!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Cute & fun!

Debbie said...

Eve these are so stinking cute... I love them....why not sell some????

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh Girl you can sew???? OH NO how FABULOUS!!! this is wonderful. I love them. I wish I had some hair to pull back. WHAT??? I am a s bald as a new marine! I think you should sell them!!! Okay open up an Etsy Store and sell these beautiful babies. I think they are wonderful. Looks like you and Trey are going to be needing Archie to help y'all with that money coming in he he he he! Hugs to you Lady Bug!

Eve said...

Thank you everyone for your compliments!

I've actually been on Etsy since 2007, but never put anything up for sale. I'm reconsidering this, as it could allow me to meet great folks and make a living to boot!

My curly afro goes through stages, some days I don't want to know :D I might have to borrow a motorcycle helmet from KMQ Or I might do a marine cut like Vanessa, whose short cut looks great!

I do sew, my Momma taught me, but I'm not as great as I would like to be. I'm following tips from great bloggers, you know who you are stitch Divas! :D

Stay tuned for my doll projects coming soon. And you can check out Sarah's blog to see the reason.


L ~DIY Diva~ said...

These headbands are really cute. perfect for my fro!

I have a link party every monday. you should come join us!
Make my style mondays @ AvidAccents.blogspot


Eve said...

Hello L-DIY DIva! Thanks for visiting me! I will be right over to join your party!

Michelle L. said...

I love them, especially the first one in the post - with the cute plaid and buttons. somebody commenting earlier was right, think about selling them. Thanks for coming to comment on my blog!

Andrea said...

So cute! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Very cute and creative! Thanks for linking up at PonyTails&FishScales!


Eve said...

Thank you everyone for suggestions about selling my headbands, I'll consider that, thanks folks!

Faith said...

wow, so creative! i LOVE this! i wish i had a creative bone in my body!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love them, I know what cha mean about headaches with some head bands :(

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