Sunday, June 20


There's nothing as good as a really cold drink on a really hot day.  For myself, I've already sweated a bullet or two, but when it comes to avoiding dehydration choice is limited because I'm also avoiding sugary soft drinks. Truth be told, plain water isn't to my taste. And there's only so much diet coke a girl can drink while remaining the proper burpless lady that she is. Ughmm, mmm.

I'm getting bored with all other artificially sweetened soft drinks as well, such as crystal light and squash, so I decided to start making my own summer coolers. Smooth fruit drinks are great and store well in the fridge, but sometimes a thick, chewy, fresh fruit juice can hit all the right spots. 

Here is the recipe for my first Summer Drink Feature: 
Spicy BananaRama
The ingredients needed are:

1 Banana
3 table spoons of low fat natural Yogurt
1/2 tsp of Cinnamon
Sesame Seeds
and Pepper

This drink taste best when your banana and yogurt are cold so having them in the fridge for a bit is useful.  Chop your banana and add it with the yogurt and cinnamon into a blender. Set blender on medium speed until your juice is smooth and bubbly.          Ooh Lovel-ley
Pour into glass, and sprinkle with Sesame seeds and a pinch of Pepper. Do you have any Pretty Straws? You can pick up a pack from any 99 cents/ pound land/ party goods store to make your summer drinking fun. So toss in a pretty straw into this mix and you've got yourself a cold delicious Spicy BananaRama!         Mmmm


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Okay, if Ray, my husband, behaves himself he may get this for Father's Day today. This sounds and looks sooooooo tasty. This is great recipe. Pansy wanted me to ask if you might have a pair of black fishnet she might borrow. She has a date with Lipshitz tonight. Please let her know. LOL!!! I send you hugs my sisterfriend.

Eve said...

That's all Ray gets? Girl, you make me laugh!!!

Tell Pansy stockings don't matter, Dr. Lipshitz loves her no matter what. (Plus- I ain't got none) :D :D

For those not knowing what on earth Vanessa and I are talking about, visit her blog to find out about this Doctor.

mangocheeks said...

It certainly has been hot.

Will def. give this spicy banana drink a go.

Uma Preve said...

Woo! sounds tasty! It has been cold here so I will have to make this when it gets warmer (hopefully)! :) It's good to know that you are avoiding sugary drinks! Why not try to mix lemon juice with a little honey when you get tired of diet coke!

Kat said...

Okay, my mouth is watering...wondering if it's too late to go to the grocery store...

Eve said...

Hello Mangocheeks, careful, this drink might change your name to bananacheeks :D Enjoy!

Hello Uma, sorry it's been cold there, lemon juice and honey? Hmmmm, that sounds interesting, I'll have to buy some honey now. Thanks for the heads up! :D

Hello Kat, Hahaa, it's never too late to go to the grocery store :D Enjoy!!

Debbie said...

Eve, that looks so good...I am going to try it...I have everything but the yogurt....gosh that looks good! Thanks for sharing.

Rotterdam said...

i wil get bananas tomorrow,wanna try to,loooooooks delicious

Eve said...

Hi Debbie, let me know what you think. I have a few more Summer drinks to feature. This one is very tasty.

Hello Rotterdam! Hook up with Debbie, she has bananas and you have the yogurt! hahaaaa. Enjoy this awesome drink!! :D

Dom said...


AJ, Marian, & Sadie said...

Hi Eve,
This drink looking good, and it seems like it would be pretty easy to make. I think I will try it. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your nice comments. I hope you visit again soon. It looks like your blog is a good place to find a yummy recipe or two. I'm glad I have your blog info now because i need some new recipes.

Sara said...

Yum a rama! Thanks for splashing around with me! You sent a tidal wave of encouragement my way.

And I agree, God is good, always!

Hugs for your day,

Eve said...

Hello Marian, thank you for visiting, you are always welcomed! I'm letting my blogging juices flow, certainly not set on having this as a recipe blog, but I see that I'm expressing my kitchen side a lot. Glad that you enjoy it. Thanks! :D

Hello Sara, thank you for visiting! I'm glad that you found my words encouraging. I find your blog encouraging and FUN! All the best!

Faith said...

that sounds/looks so yummy! i wish i had bananas right about now! said...

woooo looks yummy! I love your straw too. I would not have thought to add sesame seed or pepper to a smoothie like that. Interesting!

Eve said...

Hello Faith and Heather!
I plan on doing more drinks soon. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!! :D

crystalblu said...

That drink looks so yummy. I can't wait to give it a try. =)

Eve said...

Hello crystallblu, it's awesome, I think you'd really, really like it. Thank you for visiting my blog! :D

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