Friday, June 4

Guest Blogger: Interracial Relationships

Hi there, I’m hubby, aka cookie monster, also known as Dom, and I’m honoured to have been asked to be the first guest poster on Eve’s terrific blog.

Eve asked if I’d like to contribute a few words on the subject of interracial relationships, and I certainly would. Eve, as you know is a wonderful and beautiful black gal, and I’m a white guy, and we married in New York in 2005.

We have experienced contempt and antagonism in different ways from both black and white people and in both the UK and the US; but we have also experienced a lot of natural acceptance without any question.

Something Eve said to me a while ago really hit home when she pointed out that a few decades ago in the US, in many if not most States, we simply would not have been able to marry. And that seems crazy. And it made me very appreciative of how far we have come since such days, of the fundamental freedoms and rights we have the benefit of enjoying now, and it made me very aware how very, very grateful we must always continue to be to those who fought hard and sacrificed much for us to have this freedom and right.

And I would add that it is crucially important we never lose vigilance, because the forces of ignorance and hatred and evil are ever marching onward in various guises and under various banners and in all parts. And until that great day when the Lord returns and all things are transformed we cannot take our fundamental freedoms and rights as entirely safe, for, strange as it may seem, they are always under attack.

As Christians, Eve and I allow our views to be informed by the teaching of the Holy Bible, the basis for the Christian perspective on all subjects. The Holy Bible has been, and will probably continue to be, abused in support of racist views, but I have studied the scriptures closely and I know for an absolute fact that in no way does the Holy Bible promote racialism or advocate racism.

Indeed it provides the answer to such evil, firstly by detailing the true history of mankind, one race, and then by showing how God wishes us to live, and then finally because for the Christian we are one in Christ, the ground for our whole existence and outlook.

So, I decided to say yes to Eve’s invitation to post here about this subject not because I believe I have all the answers but because I think it is important to try, to at least try, to actively speak out against racism and celebrate interracialism.

Yes, that’s right, I said celebrate interracialism.

Overcoming ignorance, hatred and evil is something to celebrate isn’t it? Truth, love and hope are worth celebrating aren’t they?

It's stating the obvious, but I certainly don't think interracialism is something that should be merely 'tolerated'; I personally defend it, celebrate it and promote it.

I see people of different races all over the place, I often see interracial couples around, and I see many individuals of mixed race; and in each instance I think “Praise God!”


Uma Preve said...

Human beings are strange creatures! They always want to group and categorize themselves. We are all children of GOD. My hubby is Swedish, I am a Singaporean Indian. When we fall in love, we didn't think about our nationality or race. We just let it happen.... I am all for interracialism. What's important is love not the colour of our skin! :)

Kat said...

And I give that a resounding, "AMEN!!!!" So true!!!!

Our family is a beautiful rainbow (and we're going in just a couple weeks to add to it)....God is just awesome!!!

Logo london said...

me too one of the cookie monster

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I knew I liked you for a reason. Girl you just speak the plain old truth! I love it! Speak the truth and it will set you free. I come from a very, very , multicultural family and background and I embrace all races. As one who follows Christ and His teachings we are to love each others and that includes all races and all peoples. This is a wonderful post and I am so glad to know you! Hugs to you my Queen.

Dom said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments! Very encouraging!

[ And good to know too that cookie monster not only one around here :b ]

Eve said...

Thank you Uma, Kat, Logo and Vanessa for your comments. "What's important is love not the colour of our skin!"
"Our family is a beautiful rainbow" "As one who follows Christ and His teachings we are to love each other" WONDERFUL!

JIN said...

Coming from a multi-racial family, I can really appreciate this post. We seriously look like a Benneton Ad lol- which I think is great - diversity is amazing!

Also Eve, I really appreciate your beautiful comments and compliments on my blog. I'm a fan of your blog as well and I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

Have a great weekend!

linds said...

Eve, I actually read your husbands post on the day that he wrote it. Actually, I think that we posted about the same type of thing on the same day ... crazy. I think that it's a VERY important topic that gets ignored all the time. I wonder if all of us who embraced multi-culturalism spoke out if it would change the world??

mangocheeks said...

Thank you for giving your husband the opporuntiy to blog on a topic that resonates with me. My husband is whie - English. I am of South Asian origin. We have encountered, and still continue to encounter 'reactions' from 'others'.

I especially appreciated the parargraph that interracialism should not be something that should be 'tolerated'. It is reality, people have to accept it, not tolerate it.

cheeky curves said...

I wonder if the word black or white did not exist what term we would use to describe peoples colour. When we categorize people we label people and that leads to stigmatization. If there were no labels what a beautiful world we would have. My family is a very mixed bunch, 6 footers, 4 plus footer, ( I am in that category), dark completion, light completion, medium completion, straight hair, curly hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, chubby ones and slims one, the individuality of our family makes us who we are, visible and strong.

Debbie said...

Hi Eve....Nice to meet you!~ This is a wonderful topic!~ My opinion on inter racial relationships is no different than any other couple in love. You fall in love with the person. I hope the world is finding more acceptance in people, and stop judging one another....I teach my boys these things everyday. They do not even notice color...race, religion, etc.....we are all equal!~

Cheryl Lynn said...

This is a FABULOUS post! Your husband is very wise and obviously spirit driven soul. It's ashame that we still have to deal with this kind of prejudice in this day and time, but the fight continues. We need warriors like your husband to keep us on our toes and not to bcome complacent.


Hello Eve, Thank you so much for all your kind words and for visiting my blog. I look forward to following your blog.

There are m any inter-racial couples in our churches and to that I say "to God be the Glory". Thank you so much Dom.

Love Lisa.

Tinuke said...

Awesome post Eve.. "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder"

Carpenters said...

Dom, thank you for the wonderful perspective and enlightening post. As a white mama of brown children, this is something that I know we will most likely be facing in their future relationships. I would just like to add an "amen" to all you said. Our house too celebrates interracialism!

Faith said...

what a beautiful post from your husband and oh so true! truly enjoyed reading it!

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