Tuesday, June 1

Town Festival

Wonderful day in my neighborhood the other day. I went to Exmouth Festival that has been a week long event. There was food, children activites, craft sales, music and much more.  

I saw an awesome Funk and Soul band called Sophie Mendoza & The Sonic Blue. Really great sound, plenty surprises, and when they performed one of my favorite songs, Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind, I would have danced and sang loudly "New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of," right along with them, except I was over to the side of the stage sniffing soaps.

This is Ishbel Ramsay, the creator of Naturally Made Soaps.  Her items are natural, homemade, wonderfully scented, cutely shaped, and with really cute names. I had a really great time at her stall.
I couldn't stop smelling the cupcakes, they all seemed to have different scents. 

Did I purchase anything? Oh yes. I treated myself to a bar of White Chocolate Truffle & Strawberry. I seriously want to eat it! 

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