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I married a really great guy. When I think about how wonderful my husband is, I smile and feel very blessed to have him. He's my soul mate, confidant, and best friend. I LOVE him!

This guy does it for me! For him I want to be the greatest wife!

But... according to what I've just found out, I am a DISRESPECTFUL WIFE!
Are YOU wives disrespecting YOUR MAN too?

If you check out my previous post of summer readings, you'd see a book called The Fruit Of Her Hands by Nancy Wilson (not the singer). The author touches on respect for one's husband and what it does and doesn't look like.

I was thinking, 'Oh I’m going to breeze through this respect chapter.' And I started mentally striking off her examples; I don't talk to hubs as if he's a child, I don't complain about him to friends, I do pray for him, he truly can trust me, etc, etc.

But then I came upon another example she regards as disrespect, and found I was as guilty as OJ on a Freeway!

If you happened to have read some of my previous posts you're aware that I've been job hunting. It's mentioned in my KFC post, and my clothing post, saying how I don't have much money to purchase a lot of things for myself.

Here's the connection: according to N. Wilson this is disrespectful to my husband! According to her I am telling everyone that my man is not providing for the lifestyle I want. According to her I am letting my slip show just from those bits of sharing, and according to her I am displaying a complaining spirit- where not coincidently my husband is the bad guy. I'm like Whoa! Wait a minute Nancy! You don't know me from Eve.... well, Umm, you know what I saying!

I had to mull her points over. My marriage is too important not to.

She mentions that disrespecting one's husband can even be the case if you're discussing your personal business with your Mother or good friend. And I'm thinking if not them, than to whom can a wife rattle tell stuff!? Urrgh  :D  Hahahaaa

She doesn't mention blogs specifically, but says:

"It can apply to many things, but the general idea is this: sometimes private things that ought not to be shared are shard in full view of the public." (pg.44)

I know that's right because I have read some blogs where wives say personal things about their husbands and I think... 'Does he know that she's sharing that?' From light stuff like how smelly he is, to how he doesn't help around the house, to bigger things and in detail that I can't mention here. And I have to say, those are usually the blogs I don't follow.

"Am I saying that women can never share their troubles? Yes and no. A wife should share her troubles with her husband's blessing, in a way that is honoring to both God and her husband." (pg.45)

Do you agree with this?
Do you think some bloggers go overboard with sharing?
Any chance that you also have possibly gone overboard with sharing?

Wilson's point is a big pill to swallow, and it's taken a few days for me to get it down, but I got it down. I never want to be disrespectful to my other self. Yes, although money is a bit tight, he's a very hard working man (two jobs) and doesn't put pressure on me to contribute financially. He supports me in everything I do, and actually there's nothing to complain about.

Imagine this:

Imagine you mosey on over to your husbands blog, and you see he's posted pictures of Shilpa Shetty or Megan Fox or Gabourey Sidibe or Eva Longoria or Beyonce (anyone who doesn’t look anything like you) and they’re nicely featured on his blog and called “yummy” or “his crush” or what he "fancies." How would that make you feel?

Imagine you also see on your husband’s blog, a post about how you left your panties on the bathroom floor last week, or that you left your child in the supermarket by mistake last year and now he's secretly watching what you do. How would you feel?

Imagine you check out some of the comments he's been leaving on other people's blogs, saying how beautiful their family and their home is and how he wishes his home could look like theirs. How would you feel?

Imagine he says how ugly he is, and that he needs to look better, cook better, clean better, letting everyone know that your spouse is a louse. Is that him telling your business also? How would you feel?

I'd say finding these things wouldn't feel very nice at all.
So is it only ok if a woman says them?

Whether you agree with Nancy Wilson or not, one has to say she does make an important point to ponder, whether we are disrespecting our mate purposly or unaware. Let's not be a part of the Disrespect Your Husband CLub.

Proverbs 10-12  Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

I know my husband might pop his head in and read this post, as he visits from time to time, and I love it. Hubs, you should know that I love and respect you, and you can trust me, and I will be mindful of these things because I love US! You're a hard working man who loves the Lord, and his wife! And I'm very thankful. Big Hugs!!! :D

Sunday, July 18

My First Batch of Homemade Dolls

I've been really excited about participating in the Dolly Donation drive. Please see my previous post for more information. Basically, Sarah Hanson has asked folks to make dolls for children in a Haitian orphanage. Check out her wonderful blog.

I'd wanted to make dolls for a great long time, had my own patterns and fabrics ready to go. But I ditched my ideas to adhere to the doll pattern that Sarah gives. My first step was to turn to my fabric box to choose the best bits.  I then realized that my box didn't include a lot of boy patterned fabrics, so I turned to hubby for a couple of his good quality shirts that he might possibly in the slightest have been out-growing, maybe.  

My husband is such a sweetie. 
He donated these two Marks and Spencer wears.
Washed, ironed and ready to chop to bits!

I also used a book of sample fabrics that I purchased for a couple of quid. This is a great idea for anyone looking for small fabric pieces. Ask at your local upholstery and fabric store if they have any books of discontinued fabric samples. Telling them about this cause, they might gladly give them to you for free!

But don't rely on that because some people couldn't give two monkeys  :D 
I then cut out the patterns below. Sarah has listed the instructions on them. You print them on regular paper from your printer. Although I glued mine down on card stock.

I traced the patterns on fabric and designed each doll as I wished.

After designing each doll, I placed each individual set into a plastic bag. The reason I did this was to avoid having to constantly change the threading in my sewing machine. If I was using orange thread, I pulled from each bag what required orange thread, stitched it and returned it back into the bag - and every other colour in this manner. (You can tell I can't stand constantly threading my machine)

I was sewing and stuffing with wadding when I realized I was doing something that I didn't want to do. I was finishing the doll assembly, then painting on their faces. I painted two faces that looked pretty weird, but had to go with it because the dolls were already complete! Ughhh. So I said to myself, why not paint the faces first, and if they appear ok, then use it for the dolls. Ah, I said, you're Brilliant Eve! :D


Back to stuffing and sewing. Plz don't think I've done all this in one day.  It does take a bit of time making these dolls.

These dolls measure at 16 inches tall!
Do you think that boys don't play with dolls? Sure they would! These are sport stars, each boy has a number on his back! As you can see I know nothing about sports. My hubs pointed out that footballer's numbers might not go as high as I thought. Ooops :D ...

Well here is the finished Dolly Family!
I do hope the children would enjoy them and know that they were created with them in mind and heart.

I woke up this morning thinking, hmmm, I'm low on cash, how am I going to ship these dolls to California for Ms. Orlowski to ship them off to Haiti. And when I went to read my emails for the day, I got a very special one from a very wonderful person. This person sent me $50 through paypal saying the Lord put it in her heart to send me money, no other reason! WOW! I started crying because I knew exactly what I was going to use it for. Thank you God! And thank you to Shanette Carpenter!

These dolls are on their way to the USA and then on their way to Haiti! And I'm on my way back to my husband's closet just in case anything else seems to be a bit possibly maybe slightly tight around the edges :D Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, July 15

Ity Bity Bits

I feel like sharing a bit more of myself in ity bity bits. 

 Here, it's raining like crazy, and I'm feeling kind of cozy and a bit lonely today.  Does rainy days have this affect on anyone else?

I made some Brand muffins and Apple heart-shaped muffins and they turned out GREAT!

I made some cranberry almond cookies on a different day but they didn't turn out so well.
I wont even show the finished product. Yuck! 

I must find a better way of storing my sewing threads.
How do you store yours? 

Here's a picture of me that I love, Shopping in Paris. That was fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Tuesday, July 13

TRUTH - I Wish It Came In A Spray Can

I'm sitting here thinking about TRUTH today. It's on my mind because recently I was accused of being something really shabby, and it wasn't by someone who doesn't know me. Someone who knows me rather well accused me of being this thing. I was really shocked. 

The fact that this person accused me of being this thing, regardless of how close we are, lets me know that he doesn't really know me at all.

On top of this insult, this person brought up the fact that my faith in God wavered last year during the lowest point in my life, when I lost my baby. "So how can You tell me about faith!" he said to me.

I started to cry and couldn't believe how someone who I love so much could cut me so deeply, just because I asked him not to listen to a blaspheming occultist on my computer, on my television and in my house. You would think I have that right.

I had never been so low in my life, and never doubted my faith, as when I lost my baby last year. Today, my faith is stronger than it ever has been. Everyone who has faith in God spiritually grow at different paces. We all have a lot to learn. I certainly do, but what I have learned I can share with those who don't know.  But pride can be a wicked thing. What I mean by that is that pride of self can get in the way of learning truth. And judging the person who brings you that truth is a wrong thing to do.

When I presented this person with truth, and what I've learned, something almost like a chemical reaction seared through his being, and he responded with one of the most hurtful things; to bring up my feelings when my baby died. Regardless whether I struggled with my faith in my past, or if I was the worst person on God's green earth, judging the person who presents you truth is a wrong thing to do.

I woke up one morning feeling really sick, remembering the conversation I had with this person and I thought of Jesus, and the dirty, filthy, scandalous lies told on him. I wonder if He got mad about it. Some people didn't want to accept the truth Jesus spoke simply because he was just Joseph and Mary's son from down the road. Judging Him and dismissing His truth.

And I thought about the same lies placed on the Holy Bible. The tangible Holy Bible. The Word is accessible. I'm blessed to come from and live in a country where it's easily accessible and not (yet) a crime to read the Bible, as in some countries today. I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a co-worker in New York several years ago.  She swore up and down that a certain quote was in the Bible. I nicely informed her that it wasn't and she jumped in my face and wolfed me down, "Oh, yes it is! Read your Bible girlfriend! Oh, yes it is!" She got even angrier when I simply, calmly said again, with a smile on my face, "nope." She was foaming at the mouth at that point. It makes me laugh now, but it was sad. And I'm going to say it again, nicely, in this post; these 'sayings' are not quotes from the Bible:

If you take one step forward, God will take two (the foam causer)
God don't like ugly
Money is the root of all evil (it's actually the love of money) 
And there are a lot more 'sayings' attributed to the Bible that aren't quoted as such in the Bible.

There are lies on all kinds of things, I just wish TRUTH came in a spray can so I can spray it all around me, on me, in my own mouth, and everywhere I go! Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp! Ssssppp Ssssppp! Hahhaaaa. I'd be a can-spraying fool I would.

I guess the point of this post is to turn something shabby that I've experience into something positive like encouragement to anyone who needs it. It doesn't matter what anyone can say against you, or say against the truth, because the truth is true.

Even those who you think know you quite well can distort the truth of who you really are. This post is not really about me in the bigger picture. Those who accused, and still accuse, the Father of being what He wasn't and isn't only let Him know that they didn't and don't really know Him at all. That's worth saying a prayer over.

And P.S. Don't anyone be cheeky and ask me what I was accused of either - ha hahaaa :D

Sunday, July 11

My Whole look is Gifted

My Mum-in-law gave me a really cool gift for my birthday - I mean present. Isn't it birthday present, Christmas gift? Right. So, anyway, Mum gave me £60 in gift vouchers for M&Co fashion store. This was so kind of her, and smart -since she didn't pick me out anything herself. I'm choosey in the clothes department. I don't like short short sleeves, hate short waisted shirts, can't stand form fitting anything, and only in the last year have I given in to collar-less drop neck tops. I haven't purchased clothes in so long, I was tickled like a nerd in an Apple Store when I walked into the shop.

And this stood out to me as a pretty, bright and cheerful top.

For some reason I've been really, really loving yellow this season, quite unusual for me. I intended on making myself a yellow earring, necklace and bracelet set to match the colours but couldn't wait to wear my shirt, just opted for my green jewelry, which was gifted to me by my hubby- no special reason.  

My handbag is a brown, yellow and gold Baby Girl that was given to me by my sweet teenaged cousin Nece. And my Sweet cousin Renny gave me these Old Navy jeans for Christmas.

So my whole entire look this time wasn't ThRiFteD
but GiFtEd!

And under my fro is a smile gifted from my Mother.

* Thought I'd add this picture in for a laugh. I almost ruined my lovely top with splatter when right before a snap of my camera I suddenly sneezed, my fingers crunched, the camera clicked and this is what was capured. Hahahaaa -I crack myself up sometimes :D

Saturday, July 10

Wearing Braided Hair

Here I am pictured wearing something weird and unusual; Braided Synthetic Hair.
It's not weaved into my own hair, but technically still on my head. Can you see what it is? 
Hanging from my ears are my latest jewelry creation made with synthetic fibers.  Since I've gone natural and started wearing my hair in an afro, my unused packs of fake hair were taking up space underneath my bed. I don't like wasting stuff, so I said, "Hmmm, what else can I do with this stuff?"

If anyone has any ideas, do let me know. 

But I came up with one fun idea I thought was worth giving a try.

I braided two long stands of fiber, and strung plastic hair beads on them. I twisted them into swirls and stitched them in place with needle and thread, then sealed them in hot water. Then I used a strand of leather to wrap the top, then included gun metal jewelry findings to finish them off.

Now, I - personally think hair earrings are uniquely creative :D plus they look really cute matched with a beaded necklace that previously belonged to my Mom. 
But I'm not going to wear these earrings outside of my house. Why?
Because I can almost already hear someone saying,
"Oh no she didn't?!  Or,
"Some people just got too much time on there hands." Or,
"What she needs to do is put that hair on her head and stop playing."

One of these statements I would agree with, hahaaaa.
But before anyone thinks that I have too too much time on my hands, and starts calling asking me to do stuff, think again. I have dolls to make! Check out my Dolly Donations post to see that I'm a busy little bee. :D

Honestly, would seeing someone wearing hairy earrings gross you out?

Monday, July 5

Newest Latest

Hello folks,

Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful Summer so far! I've had a very full plate as of late, but I'm still around reading your wonderful blogs and thinking up new ideas for my own.

Here's a wonderful highlight of my week, (all smiles)  I'm featured over at Fat Jin Slim ! It's a great blog owned by the beautiful and talented Jhe'anell Talee. You can check out my little story here. Thanks! And I'm sure you'll enjoy Jin's blogs.

See you in a bit!
Your girl, Eve
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