Sunday, July 18

My First Batch of Homemade Dolls

I've been really excited about participating in the Dolly Donation drive. Please see my previous post for more information. Basically, Sarah Hanson has asked folks to make dolls for children in a Haitian orphanage. Check out her wonderful blog.

I'd wanted to make dolls for a great long time, had my own patterns and fabrics ready to go. But I ditched my ideas to adhere to the doll pattern that Sarah gives. My first step was to turn to my fabric box to choose the best bits.  I then realized that my box didn't include a lot of boy patterned fabrics, so I turned to hubby for a couple of his good quality shirts that he might possibly in the slightest have been out-growing, maybe.  

My husband is such a sweetie. 
He donated these two Marks and Spencer wears.
Washed, ironed and ready to chop to bits!

I also used a book of sample fabrics that I purchased for a couple of quid. This is a great idea for anyone looking for small fabric pieces. Ask at your local upholstery and fabric store if they have any books of discontinued fabric samples. Telling them about this cause, they might gladly give them to you for free!

But don't rely on that because some people couldn't give two monkeys  :D 
I then cut out the patterns below. Sarah has listed the instructions on them. You print them on regular paper from your printer. Although I glued mine down on card stock.

I traced the patterns on fabric and designed each doll as I wished.

After designing each doll, I placed each individual set into a plastic bag. The reason I did this was to avoid having to constantly change the threading in my sewing machine. If I was using orange thread, I pulled from each bag what required orange thread, stitched it and returned it back into the bag - and every other colour in this manner. (You can tell I can't stand constantly threading my machine)

I was sewing and stuffing with wadding when I realized I was doing something that I didn't want to do. I was finishing the doll assembly, then painting on their faces. I painted two faces that looked pretty weird, but had to go with it because the dolls were already complete! Ughhh. So I said to myself, why not paint the faces first, and if they appear ok, then use it for the dolls. Ah, I said, you're Brilliant Eve! :D


Back to stuffing and sewing. Plz don't think I've done all this in one day.  It does take a bit of time making these dolls.

These dolls measure at 16 inches tall!
Do you think that boys don't play with dolls? Sure they would! These are sport stars, each boy has a number on his back! As you can see I know nothing about sports. My hubs pointed out that footballer's numbers might not go as high as I thought. Ooops :D ...

Well here is the finished Dolly Family!
I do hope the children would enjoy them and know that they were created with them in mind and heart.

I woke up this morning thinking, hmmm, I'm low on cash, how am I going to ship these dolls to California for Ms. Orlowski to ship them off to Haiti. And when I went to read my emails for the day, I got a very special one from a very wonderful person. This person sent me $50 through paypal saying the Lord put it in her heart to send me money, no other reason! WOW! I started crying because I knew exactly what I was going to use it for. Thank you God! And thank you to Shanette Carpenter!

These dolls are on their way to the USA and then on their way to Haiti! And I'm on my way back to my husband's closet just in case anything else seems to be a bit possibly maybe slightly tight around the edges :D Have a wonderful day!

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Courtney said...

Oh my goodness Eve, these dolls are gorgeous! I am going to go check out the page for the Dolly Donation drive to try to help out. What a wonderful cause! I'm so glad you were able to ship these out. God always makes a way!

Loving The Reflection

Eve said...

Hi Courtney, thanks my dear! Yay! Plz check it out! And God certainly does make a way, doesn't He! :D

Uma Preve said...

Oh Eve, you are such a kind person. I really wish there were more people in this planet who had the heart like yours. I always believe that If you bless others, someday blessings of different kind with come your way. The Lord sees everything. The dolls are going to make all the kids who receive them smile. I am so sure of it. They are so cute!

Eve said...

Thank you so much Uma, Now you've gone and made my eye water and I have no onions to blame it on. :D You have a dear sweet heart too.

I do really hope the children enjoy them. I think all kids like dolls because the most fun comes from your imagination while playing with them. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Eve, What adorable looking dolls! I'm so glad you got that donation. I hope the dolls make their way to Haiti with God's speed and you get showered in blessings for doing this wonderful thing.


Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

They are lovely Eve! I know they will all be well loved! I shall pop you in the Dolly Donations News Letter at the end of the month …. And what a wonderful story too!

Take care and Happy Sewing,


Dolly Donations: Sending Love, 1 Dolly at a Time!

Cheryl Lynn said...

This has to be the most beautiful group of handcrafted dolls I've ever seen! They are colorful and I'm sure any child would be happy to own one. Good for you, Ms. Eve! And for your kind hearted hubby for donating the shirts.

You Rock!

Kathryn said...

Hi Eve! Thanks for your encouragement and kind words on my blog, it's so appreciated! :)

I love your blog as well, and what adorable dolls! I love the boy dolls you made with the numbers on the back, and the shorts too - too cute!

God always provides! What a blessing to see Him work through this project. :)

Rosalynn said...

I love the dolls. They are so cute!

Natasha said...

Your dolls are so precious and the story behind the money is absolutly amazing. Well done!

cheeky curves said...

Your dolls are lovely and I am sure any child would love to have them. Me thinks your husband need to keep an eye on his shirts.

Danielle said...

What time well spent! And the dolls are super cute!Amazing!

Faith said...

you are so talented! i know i would have loved those dolls as a child. may God bless you for your amazing heart!

Amy said...

The dolls turned out lovely. What a blessing they will be to children in Haiti!! And what a blessing to you that Shanette Carpenter helped you to ship them!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The dolls turned out so wonderful. You did a faboulous job and a very sweet thing for the children.

Rotterdam said...

I just wanna cry ,and see wath i mised when i was little and did nt play with dools like this,because were i leave don,nt exist such beautyful dools.
I AM GLAD THAT those kids who wil receve those dools wil have lovely memorys of their childhood when they grow up.
God bless you.

tea time and roses said...

Hello Eve!

How happy I am to have found your lovely blog! I saw your video in your previous post, a sweet one for sure.:o)

Your dolls are beautiful. I am the crafty one too, my hands are always busy making.:o) I will most certainly be back here for another visit and hope you drop by soon to say hello.



Misty said...

Your dolls turned out great! I know the children will LOVE them!

Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

Salzwedel Family said...

The dolls are amazing! Great job!

Eve said...

Hello Haupi, fantastic sentiment! Really appreciate that, I'm hoping the dolls travel swiftly and safely too. And that donation will cover a few shipments!

Hello Sarah, thank you for your thumbs up! And thank you for giving folks an opportunity to help in a crafty way. All the best, and happy sewing to you too!

Hello Cheryl Lynn, Wow, a monstrous thank you! I was happy to put my God-given talents towards helping an orphan to smile. With so much sadness they are living with, I hope it can make a bit of difference.

Hello Kathryn, thank you for visiting. I loved seeing your dolls as well, beautiful fabrics, adorable, plump and squeezable! God sure does make a way. I love Him! See you on your blog! :D

Hello Rosalynn, thank you dear! I tried to jazz them up as much as possible without making them dangerous with tiny bits that children can choke on. That was very important to me. So no buttons, beads, etc. :D

Hello Natsha, thank you for visiting! Thanks for the complement too. Oh yes, receiving the money blew me away. International shipping isn't cheap, so it was definitely a huge blessing! :D

Eve said...

Hello Cheeky Curves,
I truly hope the children enjoy them. You are right, my husband does need to keep an eye on his clothes from now on. Hahaaa! All the best.

Hello Danielle, Thank you! I have to say, I do have more time on my hands than intended, being out of work right now. So the hours dedicated to dolls suits me just right. But I won't stop even when I find a job. :D

Hello Faith, Thank you indeed! You have an amazing heart! I've tried to keep in mind what I would have adored as a child, so I made the dolls with large engaging eyes, and plump noses to be proud of. Thanks!

Hello Amy, awh shucks, thank you! So true, Shanette's blessing came right on the day I was concerned about shipping cost. She has a dear sweet heart like that, I know because she's also my cousin. I would like to introduce her on my blog one day. She does amazing work for the innercity youth.

Hello Brooke, thank you very much! This brain-child of Sarah's at Dolly Donations has given me hope and an idea that possibly I can one day spearhead my own doll drive for an orphanage possibly in Africa or Peru. Thank you for visiting Brooke!

Hello in Rotterdam, Sofia you've touched my heart with such a sweet comment, and thinking of the children who will receive them. I pray that it would make their childhoods a little bit easier. You're awesome Sofia!

Hello TeaTimeAndRoses, thank you for visiting! I've visited your blog too, and it is lovely, you are a very talented crafter. Thank you for your encouragement, it truly means a lot. :D

Hello Misty, Thanks! I would love to get the word out to everyone about Dolly Donations, so thank you for allowing me to link up on your lovely blog!

Hello SalwedelFamily, Thank you so much for your encouragement. I'm just really excited and want to make more and more. You and I both have the heart for orphans and I love reading about your awesome adoption-loving family :D All the best!

Heather said...

Wow what a sweet person you are that is amazing those kids will love your doll and I love the story behind being able to ship them that is so neat. Your doll's are beautiful!

crystalblu said...

Wow. Really nice dolls! They are so cute. I am glad they are going towards a great cause. How did you get involved in something like that? It's nice to do something you love to benefit others.

Eve said...

Hello Heather, thank you so much, and thank you for visiting. You know, I just might have to make another doll just for me, I collect dolls and should add one of these to my collection. :D

Hello Crystalblu, thank you very much. You said a mouth full there, it is nice to do something I love and have it benefit others. If only I could find a job like that :D All the best

Anonymous said...

Hello Eve, I just found your blog, I love your dolls, they are fantastic

Angela said...

What great and cute looking dolls!! Great fabric choices too!! And coming from a Mum who has a seven year old boy with a ragdoll and a knitted rugby player that he sleeps with...boys love dolls too!!!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Those dolls are very pretty indeed.
You are such a creative person. I cannot sew to save my life;-)

Kim said...

What a wonderful and precious project, Eve. You are so thoughtful, I'm sure each one of those dolls will go to a child who will love it and appreciate it. What a noble use for "scraps". God bless and thank you for linking these with Fabric Fun Thursday.

janimal said...

They are completely lovely! What a wonderful project. You did a fantastic job and I bet those dolls will be well loved. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job and for a great cause! Thanks for sharing at It's Party Time Thursday at PonyTails&FishScales!

CraftyMummy said...

Your dolls are gorgeous Eve! Love the numbers on the boys ones - great idea.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

Awesome job and for a great cause!What a wonderful and precious project, Eve. You are so thoughtful, I'm sure each one of those dolls will go to a child who will love it and appreciate it

Nicole said...

Hello Eve! I love the dolls they are just beautiful!! What a great cause too!! God bless you for doing this for them!!

I would love to go through your fabric stash! lol Never thought about asking for sample books or something like that. Who knows they might do it at a discount if not free.

Have a great weekend!

Judy @ In His Grip said...

Oh, my heck, these dollies are so cute. I love them and I know the Haitian kiddos will too. I went to Haiti last year and my heart will forever by with the children I met in the orphanges there. Great work, I am sure they your dolls will be loved.

Michele said...

eve, i love your dolls! and i love the reason for your dolls. i'm going to march on over to that previous post of yours and see what is up with these Haiti orphanage doll donations. i think it's an amazing idea and i might just like to make a few of my own. yours are BEAUTIFUL! thanks for the inspiration, and for visiting my blog earlier.



Deborah said...

These dolls are amazing! Your faces have so much personality to them!! What a blessing they will be. Your time and thoughtfulness and creativity are obvious in EACH doll.
It is a blessing to be your friend:)

Anonymous said...

You already know I think the dolls are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I will be linking to your adorable dolls.

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

These are wonderful! What a labor of love for children in need!!!!! You are a true blessing to so many who will receive these little treasures!

Billie Monster said...

Hi Eve! Thanks for leaving a comment on my French memo board post. I am new to blogging and it makes me really happy when people take the time out of their day to comment! Anyways, so then I headed over to your blog!! Hehe. Wowzers what a great doll post! I was JUST over at the Dolly Donation website YESTERDAY and was thinking to myself how much I would love to make some of those dolls and should get started this weekend. THEN, I find your website! Your dolls look so great and fun to make! I think I'll have to raid Mr. Billie Monster's closet as well hehe. Keep up the amazing work Eve, I'm definitely a follower of yours now. Cheerios!

Pam said...

Eve, your dolls are beautiful and the reason behind them is double and triple that. Bless you sweetie! Pam @ Sallygoodin P.S. I'd say you are using your God given talents very well! Yeah!!!!

Eve said...

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You
To everyone for complementing these homemade dolls. And thank you for everyone who joined Sarah at Dolly Donations!

Truly and utterly appreciative! :D

Ruby said...

these are so cute! wish i could get creative with fabric like that! well done!

Carpenters said...

Soooooo cute! How I would love to have a sewing buddy like you near. I absolutely adore how you painted the faces. I have been looking at making some of these. If I do, I will definitely be looking at your pictures for inspiration.

Eve said...

Hi Ruby, thank you. I think you are very creative with your children's party planning and features. I would love to be creative like you in that regard :D

Hello Carpenters, that would be so cool if you made some dolls. Thanks for the complement! Nice to see you!

Hello there! My name is June said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog because of you posting a comment over at my blog about the dolly donations! I think we've got a lot in common & I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. Your dolls came out lovely! I really adore how you did the shorts on the boys & added the numbers to their backs. I'm going to work with my church on making more boy dolls since the need for boys is so much greater & you've inspired me with these!

Anonymous said...

i love your dolls!!! they're sooo cute! i just wanna hug every one of em'.
before you give the dolls away u should pray over them so that every child that a doll goes to will get a blessing and a prayer. that every child that recieves those lovely dolls will experience blessings from the Lord.

-caren C

Anonymous said...

Thanks for

your sharing, it's very useful

Kyra said...

This doll family is so cool! Will you have more Arts & Crafts posts?

Best, Kyra in the USA

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