Monday, July 5

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Hello folks,

Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful Summer so far! I've had a very full plate as of late, but I'm still around reading your wonderful blogs and thinking up new ideas for my own.

Here's a wonderful highlight of my week, (all smiles)  I'm featured over at Fat Jin Slim ! It's a great blog owned by the beautiful and talented Jhe'anell Talee. You can check out my little story here. Thanks! And I'm sure you'll enjoy Jin's blogs.

See you in a bit!
Your girl, Eve


Anonymous said...

Thank you, I am enjoying my summer. I was encouraged reading your story about weight and diabetes - I'm struggling with my ow weight issues too. But you have the right attitude. Decided to poke my head in this evening to see what you had up and to say "Hi".


Uma Preve said...

Nice post Eve. I am sorry to her that you have diabetics. It runs in my family too. I am always watchful when it comes to food. However, I love food and I eat what I want, when I can! :)

cheeky curves said...

Eve that is such a lovely picture of you. stick with it, but dont give up who you are
thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I really enjoyed making the skirt

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

oh, by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

Hi Eve, I'm your newest follower. I've read several of your posts and just love how your fun personality come through. I also love the picture on your header.The women look so proud and stylish. Thanks for coming to visit and leaving a sweet comment. said...

Thanks for sharing your story Eve! I always like reading your posts but this one was special!

Are you reading a lot this summer? Have you stopped over for my giveaway?


Eve said...

Hello Haupi! I'm glad you were encouraged by my post, thank you for stopping by.

Hiya Uma, I'm sorry diabetes runs in your family too, but you are funny "eating what you want and when you can" and yet very thin. If I were less of a person I'd hate ya! :D

Hi there Cheeky Curves, thanks, that picture was from last summer, and I'm 39-just starting to really dig who I am. heheee

Hello Maria, thank you for following! It's nice to know my personality comes through in my writing, it's all I've got to give so hopefully it's good :D I love your blog and look forward to your upcoming post! Thanks for the birthday wish!

Hiya 'OLIAC' I'm glad you found my post about weight and diabetes interesting enough to call it special. Thank you. Yes, I have been reading a lot this summer, in the middle of too many books to list. I'll try to do a post about summer reading soon. And I will check out your giveaway right now. I never win anything though. Hmfp! Can you rig it in my favor? hahaaa JUST JOKING :D

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