Tuesday, July 13

TRUTH - I Wish It Came In A Spray Can

I'm sitting here thinking about TRUTH today. It's on my mind because recently I was accused of being something really shabby, and it wasn't by someone who doesn't know me. Someone who knows me rather well accused me of being this thing. I was really shocked. 

The fact that this person accused me of being this thing, regardless of how close we are, lets me know that he doesn't really know me at all.

On top of this insult, this person brought up the fact that my faith in God wavered last year during the lowest point in my life, when I lost my baby. "So how can You tell me about faith!" he said to me.

I started to cry and couldn't believe how someone who I love so much could cut me so deeply, just because I asked him not to listen to a blaspheming occultist on my computer, on my television and in my house. You would think I have that right.

I had never been so low in my life, and never doubted my faith, as when I lost my baby last year. Today, my faith is stronger than it ever has been. Everyone who has faith in God spiritually grow at different paces. We all have a lot to learn. I certainly do, but what I have learned I can share with those who don't know.  But pride can be a wicked thing. What I mean by that is that pride of self can get in the way of learning truth. And judging the person who brings you that truth is a wrong thing to do.

When I presented this person with truth, and what I've learned, something almost like a chemical reaction seared through his being, and he responded with one of the most hurtful things; to bring up my feelings when my baby died. Regardless whether I struggled with my faith in my past, or if I was the worst person on God's green earth, judging the person who presents you truth is a wrong thing to do.

I woke up one morning feeling really sick, remembering the conversation I had with this person and I thought of Jesus, and the dirty, filthy, scandalous lies told on him. I wonder if He got mad about it. Some people didn't want to accept the truth Jesus spoke simply because he was just Joseph and Mary's son from down the road. Judging Him and dismissing His truth.

And I thought about the same lies placed on the Holy Bible. The tangible Holy Bible. The Word is accessible. I'm blessed to come from and live in a country where it's easily accessible and not (yet) a crime to read the Bible, as in some countries today. I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a co-worker in New York several years ago.  She swore up and down that a certain quote was in the Bible. I nicely informed her that it wasn't and she jumped in my face and wolfed me down, "Oh, yes it is! Read your Bible girlfriend! Oh, yes it is!" She got even angrier when I simply, calmly said again, with a smile on my face, "nope." She was foaming at the mouth at that point. It makes me laugh now, but it was sad. And I'm going to say it again, nicely, in this post; these 'sayings' are not quotes from the Bible:

If you take one step forward, God will take two (the foam causer)
God don't like ugly
Money is the root of all evil (it's actually the love of money) 
And there are a lot more 'sayings' attributed to the Bible that aren't quoted as such in the Bible.

There are lies on all kinds of things, I just wish TRUTH came in a spray can so I can spray it all around me, on me, in my own mouth, and everywhere I go! Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp Ssssppp! Ssssppp Ssssppp! Hahhaaaa. I'd be a can-spraying fool I would.

I guess the point of this post is to turn something shabby that I've experience into something positive like encouragement to anyone who needs it. It doesn't matter what anyone can say against you, or say against the truth, because the truth is true.

Even those who you think know you quite well can distort the truth of who you really are. This post is not really about me in the bigger picture. Those who accused, and still accuse, the Father of being what He wasn't and isn't only let Him know that they didn't and don't really know Him at all. That's worth saying a prayer over.

And P.S. Don't anyone be cheeky and ask me what I was accused of either - ha hahaaa :D


~EssenseVibez~ said...

you must've read my post this morning---say what you mean to say--gurl this post was great---be blessed in the Word!

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

it sounds like your friend has some issues. And he should respect the rules of your house, you have that right no matter who he is. There are a lot of people out there who don't understand the Word of God or are confused about His teachings. They will criticize and say things that are not true, the little bottle of truth could come in handy.

JIN said...

WOW - First, thank you for sharing this post and secondly, I commend you for being so strong. I could never imagine someone bringing up such a hurtful event to prove a point. The good thing is that you will rise above this experience. You're a good person and as long as God knows your heart, that's all that matters.

LoverofWords said...

Aww honey I am sorry he hurt you. But sometimes you have to consider the source. Anyone who spits such venom because of an innocent statement is harboring some type of hard feelings toward you in the first place and was just waiting for the opportunity to do so.
In the last year I have learned to love people from a distance. If you can not respect my wishes in my home, then you are not welcome here.
No one alive can say that their faith has never wavered because it is normal. As long as your faith in God is not lost forever. You can always ask for forgiveness in this situation. But to use an event that was so devastating for you to make a point is low and one that I would not take lightly.


Just when I think I'm already blown away by you and your continued frankness. I really appreciate your realness in your blog. You are definitely not concerned about what we think of you. This is refreshing.

Ohh and by the way,....congrats on the blog award I gave.

Luv and blessings Eve.

Faith said...

wow, i loved reading this post! not b/c of the wacky person who told you anything but because how real this post is. thank you for it.

if only truth was in a spray bottle! ;)

Sweet Patience said...

Loved your post. You are telling the truth!
Thanks again for stopping by earlier. I am trying to get back in the loop of things now.

Totally Inspired said...

I have to agree that I learned a long time ago that ppl cant really handle the truth. I know its cliche to say, but its true. Most ppl if they have their own self hate and negative talk going on, they will use anyway to make you feel bad about trying to offer them the truth. However, we have to be real clear about truth.. its not just for others, sometimes we have to swallow the "truth pill" as well and we cant be mad when its offered up (even if it is out of spite and hate and anger).. When he brougt up the fact that your faith had waivered during that time, was it still the truth? No matter how hurtful it may have been to say, it still may have been true. In those times all we can do is send "love" in that persons direction. Love transcends all. And if his statement (if at all truthful) could still evoke anger and hurt in you, then maybe thats still an area that you are working on in yourself, and this was only an opportunity to bring to light the need to develop and grow in that area.

cheeky curves said...

Now you have got me all intrigued about what you were accused of!
I wonder why your friend was angry, so angry that he projected it onto you. Maybe he was found out to be doing something that was not true to him. Maybe you truth touched on a lie he was living. So his only way out was to throw this out as it was too hot for him to hold and it hit you, but it is not yours, it is his anger it is his lie. So I would say when you have an opportunity hand it back to him, in your way, not his.

Eve said...

Hi Essence, Thank you. I've read your post "Say what you mean" and it is a powerful post! Thank you for writing it. I agree 100%

Hi Maria, Thank you. You are in understanding that being a keeper of home means you keep things in as well as certain things out. You are right, this person does have many issues.

Hi Jin, Thank you. God does know our hearts, and it is all that matters in these situations where others don't understand us. I'm glad you appreciated this post.

Hi Loverofwords, Thank you. I think you hit on a lot of key points, he probably does harbor hard feelings towards me and this was his opportunity, and a lot of people do experience dips in their faith. But if I consider the source by what he was saying, am I being just like him? Thank you. I wont take it lightly.

Hi Lesa, thank you. I strive to be forthcoming in my posts, and since this was heavily on my heart I couldn't help but write about it. I'm glad you appreciate the frankness of it. Thank you for awarding me the BLog Of Substance Award! That was most kind. Big Hugs.

Hi Faith, thank you. I'm glad you also appreciated the realness of this post. If people read blogs for inspiration I certainly don't want to be a downer in sharing what concerns me, but when so, I'm glad it's appreciated and understood. Thanks.

Hi SweetPatience, thank you. A spray can of TRUTH must have been sprayed over my finger to write it, glad you appreciated it. And nice to see you posting about adoption and all other good things.

Hi Totally Inspired, thank you. I understand the valid point you've made, that we all are in need of a truth pill. I made an analogy of a spray can of truth saying I would spray it in my own mouth and on me because I don't want to be untruthful myself.

I understood that what he was saying he believed to be truth. Yes, my faith did waver, and it did hurt when he brought that up. But what really disturbed me was him using my past as a reason to reject my truth. The connection was in the judging of the person delivering truth. God can use anyone. The worse sinner on the street could give you a message that God wants you, that day, to get. It just shocked me that someone would bring up my past as a reason to reject the truth.

We both share a similar experience of losing a child, so I know you understand how those feelings don't easily melt away. You are right, it still is an area that I need work on, and this was an opportunity to bring light to this area of sadness I still feel. I give it all to God. I appreciate you pointing to that issue. It's very important. My heart goes out regarding your loss as well.

Eve said...

So you're the Cheeky one Cheeky Curves :D Hahaaa
It wasn't nice, I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for your comment, and you are dead-on, what I was telling him was affecting him so much, that he had to strike out that low. BEcause it was truth and I was standing up for it. I guess it was too hot for him to hold. Thanks

Sean's Ladies said...

nothing to say that you don't already know. . .

but it makes me sad to think of the version of God he is worshiping. God is so much more tender in our pain and more radical in truth than he thinks.

Eve said...

Hi Sean'sLadies, thank you. You are absolutely right! The "version" of God that he has is distorted. I am engrossed in reading Jeremiah right now. Still shocked in reading how those who turned away from God burned their sons and daughters in false worship and how angry it made God. They brought idol worship and all kinds of abominations into the church. This false version. And when Jeremiah pointed it out to them, they hated the truth. So God punished them. You are so right to say, "God is so much more tender in our pain and more radical in truth than he thinks."

Cheryl Lynn said...

"Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me." Psalm 41:9. Only those who are closest to us can cut us so deeply. The words of a stranger, someone who merely speculates, cannot breach our emotions. You had every right to insist that this person not invite such volatile spirits into your home through your computer, television, etc. It is, after all, your home. I hope your friend comes to his senses and apologizes for such cruel remarks.

As for foam at the mouth girl, many people attribute traditional sayings that were born out of people's experiences to the Bible. I just had this same conversation with a friend of mine the other day. She wanted to know why people do that. Unfortunately, people don't really take the time to READ the Bible, they just go by what they've heard or what someone whom they may look up to has told them.

I'm glad your wound is healing. This was a wonderful post. May God bless you continually, my dear.

Eve said...

Hello Cheryl Lynn, thank you. I've been thinking over your comment for the past two days. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the post and reminding me of that scripture. That's exactly it. Exactly.

And although I did not say who this person was, I think I should say that it wasn't a friend. It was a family member.

When you wrote "people don't really take the time to READ the Bible, they just go by what they've heard or what someone whom they may look up to has told them." This led me to wonder, is this sometimes done as tradition, as like passed down tales, possibly even when some CAN'T read? I sure don't mean to knock those who are illiterate, though scripture can be accessed in audio form. And if indeed it is tradition, many traditions need to be done away with. Thanks Cheryl for your comment.

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