Saturday, August 14

Car boot loot

Check this out!!!!!!  You couldn't PAY ME to have this!!!

Hubs and I went to a carboot/outside flea market recently, our favourite thing, just looking really.  And when I came across this fox head I Freaked!  I know I embarrassed my husband because he looked at me and calmly said, "It's taxidermy, sweetheart."

I've seen birds, I've seen a fish, but never a whole real snarling mounted fox head! YUCK!  As if!

Anyway... this is more of a better look at what a carboot is, if you aren't used to that name.

Here in England, the trunk of a car is call the boot, so when you pull up your car in a field or lot, and sell things from your car or set up tables around it, it's called a carboot sale.  There had to have been something like 300 cars here I reckon! It takes hours if you want to see everything being sold. Sometimes we sell our household extras this way too. Your junk stuff can be someone else's treasure! :D

Oh lookie what the hubs found. His favourite animal besides the squirrel is a big cat, don't ask, so he purchased this tiger for a few pence/cents. It is now featured in our livingroom. It looks cute, we like nick knacks, and we like toys too.

Speaking of toys,  after the carboot sale we headed to a Toy Collectors Fair at Westpoint Exhibition Centre. The entry fee was £3.50 ($5.49 USD) which I thought would be a waste considering most people outside on line looked like either old model train collectors or sci-fi figure freaks.

But when I got inside I found a few tables selling what I love, DOLLS!!  I'm on a really tight budget so couldn't get buck wild about it, but I did pick a few really nice pieces for my doll collection.
This is my stash! The purple lady was £2 ($1.50 USD), the two brown babies together were only £1 (£1.56USD) and the Asian doll was also £1.  The girl baby sweetly giggles when you touch her plump belly, the boy baby is anatomically correct :o and unfortunately has a mark on his head, and the Asian doll is wearing a dirty tight dress, but I can work on these and make them so cute. I'll show a picture when I do.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!
Do you like going to carboots sales or flea markets? 
Does anyone else collect dolls like I do?  
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Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

I love going to yard sales and thrift shops. I've found so many great things. Your dolls are cute and I'm sure they are going to look adorable when you dress them up.

My sister in law collects dolls. Her collection probably has over five THOUSAND dolls. She mostly collects antique dolls. I'll have to go over and take pictures for you to see. They are amazing.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Uma Preve said...

Wow, that stuffed fox looks scary! I like flea markets too... Just that I am very choosy so I end up not buying anything! Browsing is great! :)

LoverofWords said...

Hi Eve,

Eww that fox head gave me the creeps. I love the dolls though. I have a thing for black cabbage patch dolls and stuff animals mainly dalmations (no idea why).
I hope you two have a great weekend.

Marla said...

Poor little fox... :-(

You and hubby are two cuties together!!! And yes, I collect dolls as you know. :-) And I loooooove flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores! I love hunting for knick knacks and vintage stuff! Don't know how I could have lived all my life without doing those things! lol Have a great weekend, dear!


That fox is going to give me nightmares, I just know it.

But I do collect dolls, I'm always on the look out for little Raggedy Anns, I find they remind me of a time gone by.

Lisa xx. I love you tons.

Vintage Vixen said...

I love car boot sales, they're my idea of summer weekend heaven.
That fox head kind of hideous but I think I'd have bought it, too. Great for showcasing some necklaces or a vintage hat. x

Rotterdam said...

I hello Eve,i DON T collect dools by i love dools,a time ago i was planning to by some dark COLORS barbies trouhg ebay.
But i tought and change my mind,because can turn to be an very expessive collection.
The boy you choose is cute and the little girl with dress to.

Eve said...

Hi Maria, thrift shops are cool too! Oh my goodness, OVEr 5G dolls!? I've got to see that, PLEASE! :D

Hi Uma, any good flea markets in Sweden? I'm picky too, sometimes I get home and say, man,I wish I had gotten that. Sometimes too picky for my own good :D

Hi LoverofWords, sorry :D This fox head is seeming to gross you guys out :D
Well, dolls are my favorite things and I don't have a cabbage patch yet :D Oh, I love dalmations. Show me some of yours on your blog some day, please :D

Hi Marla, I know you have a nice doll collection, dressed rather nicely too! Wow, you went there with garage sales, you are really no joke when it comes to vintage and thrift shopping. Go Marla :D

Hi Lisa, oh plz don't have nightmares :D We see foxes running the street quite often, hubs keeps telling me that they are scared animals, hope that helps :D I didn't know you collect dolls too! Cool. I would love to see your stash one day :D

Hi Vintage Vixen, so cool you like care boot sales too, but ok, you are a little strange, you would us this fox head to display jewellery and hats?? :D This actually might be clever because it'll definitely be an eye catcher, that's for sure! :D

Faith said...

uhm yeah, you couldn't pay me to have that either. what in the world?!

i haven't been to a carboots sale or flea market. i know that i would enjoy finding things at a good deal but i just haven't had the opportunity. the hubs says that we are going to do one whole day of garage sales soon. he's been saying that for a while and nothing yet.

i cant wait to see what you do with your new dolls.

p.s. my email address is:

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

What fab finds!!! I think the little girl dolly is such a cutie ... i see you making a dress for her :)

Thanks so much for sharing, hugs Sarah

Divamom said...

I really have never understood the concept of taxidermy. So, I'm feeling the "yuck" of it all, too! LOL! I love garage sales too! Haven't been to any good ones lately, but then again it's been too hot to enjoy any!

Be Blessed!

Eve said...

Hello Rotterdam, see, you're sensible, haha, doll collecting can turn out to be an expensive hobby indeed. No worries, treat youself with just a few :D

Hi Faith, your hubs is so cool. An entire day of garage sales!! Does he have a twin brother? I have some cousins who could use a good man like that! hahaa, have fun!

Hi Sarah, thanks! And you are so right, I will be making my little girl a dress. But first I'm making a suite for the boy, and you can see why he's top priority :O

Hi Divamom, good point. Now that I think about it, I can't understand the concept of taxidermy either. Even if, and especially if, it's a beloved pet, yuck!! :D Sorry it's been so hot around you, it's cold around me now, sweater weather for sure. :D thanks for stopping by!

MOMSWEB said...

I love to visit flea markets from time to time and unfortunately have passed this on to my sons. They ask to go more frequently than I'd like to take them!
Have a marvelous Monday!

billiemonster said...

Omg that fox is terrifying! Eesh, and foxes are normally so cute! I have never heard of a 'carboot' sale, but I am no stranger to garage/yard sales! hehe.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are hilarious!! It's awful. I don't know how people can have them in their homes, but it works for some people I guess. All I can say is EWWWWWWWWWW!!! he he he he he! I just love this post cause I love flea markets. Of course you would ask about the dang picture of me! You don't want to see any pictures me right now. I just posted the other peoples pictures. he he he he! I send you many hugs until you are purple. God Bless your week!

Debbie said...

Could you even imagine? I really do not care for anything son wants to catch a big fish and do it someday, so who knows what I will have in his room:)

Dana said...

Love flea markets and thift stores. I agree with you..that taxidermied item was scary.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed going on this excursion with you, it was a lot of fun. I love carboot sales (as you call them) too. The dolls you found were all so cute and I can't wait to see how you fix and dress them up. I even like the tiger your husband got. But I can do without the fox head - yuck! Smiles


Ruby said...

i love the brown baby dolls we dont collect dolls but we collect anything and everything hello kitty the husband got me started on that lol now little lady gets HK everything.

Kathryn said...

I love flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores...a carboot sounds awesome!

I'm excited to see how you transform those dolls! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL Jacob has a deer head from a buck I got on his wall lol

janimal said...

I love finding treasures at flea markets and yard sales. And am always amazed at stuff people sell that I really think should just do to the dump!
Great dolls. I am reliving my childhood obsession with dolls now by getting them for my daughter. Yeeeah!

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