Monday, August 9


Are you Creative?
Where does your Creativity come from??

Is it forced, is it inherited, is it borrowed, is it home grown,
Is it fleeting, is it out of hand, is it lacking, is it overblown?

What does your Creativity look like? What does your Creativity feel like?
Does it inspire, does it renew? Is it all not what it seems like?

Does it get you in trouble, is it misunderstood, is it lawful?
Is it safe, sane, soldiering?
Simple, joyful, sobering?

Would you defend it? 

Is it all over you?
Are you Creative?
Who can take it from you?
And from whom does your Creativity come?

(Poem by Eve)
(Dedicated in honour of Charles Henri Joseph Cordier and his many subjects)

Charles Henri Joseph Cordier born 1827 - died 1905. 

(Cordier's biography) "A firm believer in racial equality, he became well known for his bust of Saïd Abdallah, a former Nubian slave.

In 1848, Charles Cordier caused a sensation at the Paris salon by exhibiting the bust of a Sudanese man. It was derided by critics for showing an African man as a subject of beauty.

Although greatly admired by many artists during his lifetime, throughout his career Cordier was forced to defend not only his subjects, but also his materials. Setting aside the standard white marble, Cordier traveled to Algeria, Greece, and Egypt to explore their quarries for black onyx and rare translucent marble veined with blue, peach, and red hues. The confidence of his artistry is captured in every detail, revealing the vibrant humanity of each subject. Cordier is recognized for both his academic and anthropological contributions to French art as well as his technical inventiveness."

Charles Henri Joseph Cordier was "forced to defend not only his subjects, but also his materials."
Can you believe it, his Creativity got him in trouble, and he had to defend it. Well I, for one, am glad he didn't allow anyone to extinguish the creativity inside of him and that he traveled far and wide for the black onyx and the colourful veined marble that he wanted to use. Wasn't it enough that his subjects most likely suffered enough of such a stifling fate of crushed creativity? Look at these busts. I believe his subjects, from the way they twisted their scarves, to the way they curled their hair, used their awesome creativity even when stripped of everything else and enslaved. That's why I wrote in my poem "Is it all over you?" "Who can take it from you?"   

Remember both Charles Cordier and his awesome subjects and how they both held on to their Creativity in spite of the different pressures. Let us shake off anything or anyone who tries to squash our creativity, simply because the world didn't give it to us, and the world couldn't take it away.
Eve at the Musee d'Orsay, Paris


cheeky curves said...

Thank you for sharing your poem and this bit of history. It takes a lot of courage and belief in oneself to stand up for what one beleive in. When it is something so personal and so one see's the beauty that you see that is even harder. Again thank you I know that what I do is good, it is just getting others to see the good in it.

Courtney said...

Wow, those busts are breathtaking. Thank you for posting this. I have never heard of Cordier before, but now I want to see more of his work!

Loving The Reflection

Danielle said...

I am glad he didn't allow his creativity to become extinguished either! I can't imagine having to answer to questions about my creativity, that is like having to answer questions about your being and your livelihood. Let no one hold you back, let know one take away what is rightfully yours, your mind your views, your ideas. What a great post! Thanks for this.

Uma Preve said...

Wow, this is indeed a good post. I am a creative person. I dun think I inherited it from anyone. Maybe I just love to use my hands. I also know not everyone will appreciate my creations but all that matters is how I feel about my creations. It make me happy! Someday it will be appreciated. That's a hope of course!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Cordier did some beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

Eve said...

Hiya CheekyCurves, you are so right, it does take a lot of courage to defend one's art, there's a vulnerability attached to creativity. Great point, knowing that you're good, but trying to get other's to see how good you are :D A battle in and of itself! Keep doing what you're doing! Your super creative in fashion and design.

Hiya Danielle, I like that, having to answer questions about your being- how could you, right? Because your very being is a work of Creativity! I love this point. Thanks for that. You're a wonderfully creative writter.

Hiya Uma, you made me laugh because not everyone who works with their hands have creativity. hahaa But you are full of it, and your cup runeth over! And it is appreciated, even now. Your fashion and design and make-up creations are awesomely creative!

Hiya KMQ, yes Cortier did excellent work, and not only on busts, but other types of art as well. I'm happy to share his work that I found stunning. Thank YOU for sharing your wonderful talent of sewing and design and fashion! And you have a wonderful way of sharing your fighter spirit, in touching and creative ways.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

thanks for posting your poem and also about Cordier.

It's horrible what he had to go through. It's too bad because instead of having to take time to defend his position and art, he may have been able contributed more pieces that we could admire now.

Thank goodness we can express our creativity in any form.

His pieces are definitely beautiful. I had never heard about him, thanks so much for posting about him.

Anonymous said...

Oh I Love the one of the Lovely Lady in the next to last photo

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Charles Cordier before now and I thank you for sharing this. The things I'm learning on different blogs is really humbling and I'm grateful.

Creativity is a God given gift that has to be share. Can you imagine him not ever being able to create these amazing busts. They are just beautiful. I just wish I was with you on that tour.


tea time and roses said...

Lovely post dear Eve. Cortier's work is absolutely amazing, what a gifted artist.

When ask where my creativity comes from, I simply answer "I do not know"...I did not choose it, it chose me and believe the ability to be creative is in each and everyone of us:o) I love working with my hands, it brings me so much joy.

Thanks so much for this beautiful post. Happy week to you!



Marla said...

What a great post and poem, Eve! Thank you for sharing such great things with us.

Rosalynn said...

Loves it! Your poem was beautiful and it really made me think about my creativity. Not many understand it and is something that can never be taken away from me.

Also, thank you for teaching me something new. Believe it or not, I did not know who Charles Cordier was until I read your post.

Christina said...

Wow. Nice presentation. Thanks for the history of Charles Cordier and his creativity. I am encouraged and in shock that he had to defend his work. That seems to always be the case when you think outside the box. This is very encouraging that he did not change his way of doing things for anyone.

what Museum are you at. Is that in england? I like the african women. she is so beautiful. He is a good artist.

I am creative in my own way too. and I don't plan to change it either...

Amy said...

I saw these busts when I was in Paris a couple of years ago and they caught my eye because they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing their history with us!

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