Monday, August 2

Sticky Fingers???????

We had a dry Big Mack, hard fries and a milk shake that was nothing but air bubbles. And it was one of the best McDonalds' experiences I've ever had!

On Sunday, hubs and I finished a really pleasant countryside walk and afterwards decided to treat ourselves to a very rare stop at McDonalds.
I should have taken pictures!

This Mickey D's was spotless!!!! Even when paying for the food, I was checking out the back kitchen over the cashiers shoulder, it seems so clean, calm and organized back there. I'm not used to seeing this at McDees. I was really shocked. But this isn't the point of my post really :D

While sitting down at the table, I reached over and picked up a plastic child’s bib that was hanging over a row of children's highchairs near our table. My crafty mind, as it does, immediately thought of what great use I could get out of it. I had needed something like an adult bib to use when eating spaghetti for dinner, which I do quite often and always create a big mess on myself. I’m tired of ruining nice tops so thought the tie on bib would serve me well. 

After removing ONE of the bibs, raising my pocketbook a bit too high in the air, and placing the bib inside,  I noticed a few dinners eye-balling me. As if I was stealing!

I most certainly was Not!

I had full intentions of telling the employee who had just laid the bibs out nicely, that I've taken one. Plus I felt that I didn't want her to get in any trouble for not doing her job right, so I would go out of my way to get her attention to tell her that I had removed one. But not wanting to shout across the restaurant, I waited for her to come near. Though, in the mean time I'm sitting there looking like a thief!

Have you ever done something like this? Have you take a few straws or sugar packets from restaurants, putting them in your purse for later? Do you consider this stealing?? Aren't they Freebies??

I remember when I was a kid, my Mom used to help herself to restaurant freebies. I’m SURE she didn’t consider this stealing because she wasn't a thief in any way shape or form. She viewed them as free items.

I'm talking ketchup packets, sweet and lows, straws, even those coffee cup stirrers, they all made appearances in our kitchen cabinet at home.

And these weren't only just the items from restaurants that we actually ate at! Mom didn’t discriminate, even got us kids in on it.  "Go in there and get us some napkins," she would say to me as we'd pass an eatery. Considering that we were poor and probably was low on tissue paper at home, this seemed to my thinking to have been clever. Though I remember one time I got yelled at by a guy behind the counter in a pizzeria for struggling with the silver napkin holder that was filled too tightly. I wasn't impressed, and was a little bit more annoyed for being yelled at. How rude! I though, I'm glad I don't eat in this restaurant! And I gathered the napkins and left, handing them over to my Mom who waited outside.

But was that stealing?????  I can see now that it was. I guess we didn't know any better then.  
Yesterday at McDonalds, the employee finally walked in our direction so I explained that I took a bib from one of the highchair. She was all smiles, and said no problem. She even asked if I wanted more! She went in the back and came out with 15 bibs for me!
I thanked her and side-eyed those nosey bodies at the other tables. "Wish they had some" I thought and smirked.
They say on the front "I LOVE TO DRIBBLE."

Well, I may have a dribble issue, but at leaste I know I don't have sticky fingers :D


Anonymous said...


Christie said...

Lol, all I can say is...too funny!!

Glad you won't have spaghetti splatter any longer!

Cheryl Lynn said...

This is such a cute post. Yeah, I remember those days when the restaurant packets ended up in our purses and pockets. Yesterday, I was at Red Lobster and needed some tartar sauce to go with my leftovers. I put one of the blue sauce containers in my carry out box just as the waiter came back to the table with extra tartar in a styrofoam container. He was like, "oh, here's your tartar m'am. You can't take those home from the restaurant." We all laughed at my unsuspecting theivery, however it was still kind of embarrassing.

Hope your week is going well, my dear!

Marla said...

LOL They try to get me and hubby to wear that thing when we go to Joe's Crab Shack and I'm like: "Oh, heck nooooooooo!!!" lol hubby wore it the first time. Ain't nothing a good laundry detergent won't take care of these days. You look cute in that thing, though. Keep on being happy, girl! :-)


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I guess I would be considered a thief because I haven't bought Splenda in over a year. A guy at my job brings me a couple of coffees a day and a handfull of Splenda. I always put the extras in my pocket. When I get home I put them in my Splenda holder to be used at a later day. Wait a minute...I not stealing them...I just receiving stolen property! LOL

Faith said...

hahahhaa, you are hilarious! i always consider the ketchup, etc @ McDonalds to be freebies. hmm, maybe it is stealing? lol. i never thought about it!

Eve said...

Hi Renjac, thanks, I do think I look rather cool in my bib too. Hahhaaa

Hi Christie, I've already tried the bib with spaghetti, and it's BRILLIANT! :D

Cheryl Lynn, You were busted! I would say you'd never do that again! :D :D This reminds me of the time I went to a cocktail party and left with my champaign glass in hand. I didn't mean to swipe it!

Hi Marla, don't be scared girl! :D You're not too grown for a bib. You're like my hubby, I have to beg him to wear one solely based on the love he has for me. That always brakes him down! :D

Hiya KMQ, your splenda collection I think is different because hey, you did purchase the coffee and they came with- you're in good standings within the law :D :D

Faith, I've noticed that some McDs only keep the ketchup packets behind the counter and you have to ask, and when you do they only give you two! Is this your fault Faith? :D hahaa, just joking. I would say if you eat there then they are freebies. :D

Sarah-Jane - said...

bonkers - totally bonkers.. lol

billiemonster said...

If they didn't want people to take them then they shouldn't leave them out there hehe! It's not really stealing considering they mean for you to use them. I suppose if you had taken the entire stack of em and ran out that would have been different haha! I should go grab me one of those since I'm constantly 'dribbling' all over myself too when I eat spaghetti!

Eve said...

Hiya Sarah Jane, yes, I would say that describes me well :D hahaaa


Hiya Billie, I agree with you 100% about the smash and grab. It's surely wasn't like that. hahaa - yes, the bib is wonderful for spaghetti! :D

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