Thursday, October 28

In Love In Love

It's nice being in love. Especially with your husband. It's like having a constant sleepover with your best friend. .

Now, I'm not too bad in the kitchen, I can crack an egg with the best of them. But can I talk about him? He's awesome in the kitchen! He likes trying new things, adding a bit of his own ideas to simple dishes, even came up with baking cupcakes for our neighbours until I talked him out of it. (I'm a native New Yorker, the trust level isn't there).

Check out some of the dinners he's made for us.

 BBQ Chicken, Mint Peas and Bow Tie Pasta

Creamy Linguini with Chicken and Bacon

Sweet Steak with Broccoli and Chinese Style Rice

 Chicken Flavoured Rice, Pepperoni Pizza, and awesome Salad

Crispy Pork Chops, Fresh Spinach and Chick Peas

Most dishes there's no time to grab my camera for, we've already said grace and I'm eating!! Mmmm.

What's your love's favorite thing to cook?


MOMSWEB said...

I'm jealous AND hungry!! LOL!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I love baking cookies like my mom :)

Now our husbands would totally get along really really well! Jason graduated from Croydon college with a degree in catering & management. Yeah- we are totally spoiled!!!

janimal said...

Oh how lovely to have a man who cooks! My dear husband is the master of Shake n Bake and mac n cheese. And that's about it. Good thing he's cute!

ruthy ann said... love is great at cooking seafood...he makes a killer crab boil! said...

Awwww!!! You two are the cutest couple!!! I love your new "header" too by the way...very pretty!
All those dishes look amazingly yummy! Lucky lady.

My hubby can cook but I do most of the dinners. He beats me in pancakes though, I cannot make them to save my life. His are perfect!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog as usual! I love your comments Eve.

Kim said...

Hi Eve! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you've been. It certainly looks like your man is a keeper. But, I'm sure you already knew that ;). Blessings, girlfriend.

Uma Preve said...

I love your new blog layout! It's so refreshing! Awesome! Now for your love for your husband, I can relate to that. Lucky you, having your hubby cook. I am a control freak in the kitchen, Daniel only eats what I cook. hahahaha! I am so glad you are back dear!

Cathy said...

How excellent to read someone saying good things about their husband! Our society is so prone to bitch about spouses. Your post was like water to my soul! Thank you!

My husband's favourite thing to make is fish soup. And he makes an utterly awesome fish soup.

Once we had people round for a winter party. And we planned to cook soup. Husband wanted to cook fish soup. I said we'd better check who would eat fish soup. Most people said they wouldn't. Andy really really wanted to make fish soup. I said we should make something different, because people wouldn't eat fish soup.

In the end, he made fish soup and I did minestrone for the non-fish-soup eaters.

We made 2 huge pans of soup.

All Andy's soup got eaten. Almost all of the people who said they would never eat fish soup, changed their minds once they'd tried Andy's soup, and became fish soup fans. Only 2 people, who really hated fish, ate my minestrone soup.

We love cooking together and entertaining. I'm so glad we both enjoy being in the kitchen....

kimvan said...

awww Eve I want this kind of love too, trusting God for it. I am so happy for you. I love making salmon with broccoli and sweet potato. I also like making lots of Jamaican foods.

Sharon said...

You make a great couple with ur hubby hun&u sound very happy too which is really a good thing. Your food is well cooked&so yummy!!!!

Now on to e husbands&cooking,My husband is really wonderful&gives me butterflies lol but one thing for sure u can never see him in e kitchen coz he says Im a fussy wife lol and oh yes I have OCD with my kitchen so I do e cooking&baking everyday hehe....

Michele Pacey said...

Wow, you've been eating well!!!! All those dishes look amazing! You are a lucky one, Eve. He's such a sweetie, your man.

My Lo does all the cooking and I am SOOOOO grateful for it. I, too, am in love with him. Aren't we the lucky girls!


hi eve! your husband is a very handsome man - lucky you!

im not so great of a cook, but i taught myself how to bake this year and ive been having a fun time with cupcakes - my hubby is the better cook out of the rwo of us

KateB said...

I think I'm coming over for dinner! I love to cook so I do a variety-my fav go to items involve shrimp, pasta and everything Greek! Hey, be glad he can bake...I can't cause I hate to measure but my husband can do some mean brownies!!! Tell hubby he can bring me cupcakes anytime!

Faith said...

oh man! your husband can cook! that looks like gourmet stuff right there. making me sooo hungry! i love husbands who cook, haha!

i love the way your husband is looking at your in the first picture. so sweet!

loving your new blog look ... makes me want to switch mine up! ;)

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I adore the new layout here, Eve!
The colours are so lovely, too.
You have a fine husband there, my sweet, and he cooks such delicious dishes, too. You are Blessed!
The spinach dish is my favourite,
do enjoy the weekend, and I hope you are well and bouncing. xxxx

Kathryn said...

Wow, that is quite impressive! They all look so scrumptious!! :)

Sheila said...

Eve, I just love visiting your blog. You are such a wonderful person. I love this whole scene here with the cooking. My hubby likes to cook too. I keep telling him he needs to go to culinary arts school to become a real chef. Glad he cooks because I do NOT :) And it's a great thing to be in love!!!! You two are just too sweet for words!

Tinuke said...

aww, this is so so sweet!! So nice to be in love.May God continue to bless your union.

Wow, you are making me hungry.. when it comes to cooking, my husband makes the best pancake in the whole universe!!! I kid you not. H eneeds to open a pancake shop. But I take care of the rest

maphi said...

this is such lovely food :) xx

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