Tuesday, November 23

Congrats To The Winner!!!

Apologies for announcing the winner a bit late, I haven't been around my computer as I've been really beat after work. I'm happy to say Random.org chose the winner to be the lovely KMQ Knitting Machine Queen of the fantastic blog Smoking Needles.

She said: "I want it, I want it, I want it. Want what you ask?? The entire set of course. It is beautiful. I'd wear that set and work it like a government mule! LOL" So funny. KQM please email me your mailing address and your items will be on their way!

I would also like to give you this blog award for having a Blog with Substance!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway.
I will try my very best to visit everyone’s blog. See ya soon!

Wednesday, November 10

My New Job and a Giveaway :D

Hi there!

Thank you to everyone who's wishing me well with the new job! You know it was a long time coming. Though, I must admit, I had slowed down with job searching because I was basically demoralized. But I kept praying, and felt that others were praying for me too. And once I stepped up the searching again I was quickly hired somewhere! "They liked me, they really liked me." 

My new job is so outside of my comfort zone, however I believe being in a midlife crisis has spurred me on! When did I get the nerve?!? Just really wanting new changes in my life. Usually I don't prefer to speak much. But now I'm a ... (wait for it...) Customer Service Advisor in a Call Centre!!! I have to yap it up all day! 

Right now I'm in a two week training group, and guess what, out of the 40 other people in the group I was picked as the person with the best phone voice!!!  I almost bit my tongue when it happened. Can you believe this girl from Brooklyn beat out a room full of proper English accents! I still can't believe it! The company is going to give me a nice gift, I'll tell you what it is once I found out. That would be right after I find out 'what were they thinking?' :D hahaa

But enough about this chick.  I think it's Giveaway time! (Yay!)

It is a brand new jewellery set! Large hoop earrings with sterling silver ear clasp, bow tie necklace and an adjustable glamour ring!

When I first started making jewellery I called my endeavours "Evette Sparkle" simply because I love sparkly things. Well, these definitely have that sparkly vibe, with the red colour making this set especially nice around the holiday festive time.
What I wanted to achieve with the earrings especially was a balance of dangle and shine, with different features on each one. One has the word 'love' and the other a 925 Sterling Silver Eiffel Tower inspired my by trip to Paris. The set also includes a butterfly, hearts, and flowers mix. I hope this set inspires and alludes to all that's lovely.

How to Enter: Closing Date Friday, November 19th 2010
This is open only to my blog followers. 
Comment on this post mentioning anything about the jewellery set. That's it. So if you want to say anything about my new job, like advise me to run fast from all call centres, that's cool too, but if you mention the jewellery set in your comment, you are entered to win the set whether you like it or not. hahahaa heheheee hahaaa :D

I will use Random.org to choose the winning comment number, which can be a bit quick for me. Maybe I should place all names in a hat and ask the hubs to pick one. Hmmm. Well, whichever method I'd choose, trust that it shall be fare and square and you just might be picked!

By the way, I have lots of lovely items in my jewellery kit, so a good response to this giveaway would sort of let me know if I should keep having jewellery giveaways. I enjoy doing this.  

So all you good folk, take really great care of yourselves. Until later. Cheerio!

Tuesday, November 2

My 1st Blog Giveaway Winner is....

Thank you to everyone who entered this Giveaway!  I'm so excited about this. It was really fun. There's always that trepidation that no one would enter. But you all liked the prize and said so!  

I was really excited about finding out myself who the winner would be!! Also, it was so so interesting finding out what you all liked. From good scissors, to cupcakes, to shopping and dancing; there wasn't a wack idea in the bunch! You guys Rock!

I used Random.org to enter the numbers 1 to 15, I closed my eyes and had my husband see the number as I clicked. And the winner Number was 5!! I went to my blog to check who left the 5th comment, and it was Uma Preve!! Uma is a great gal from UmaPreve.com. I'm so happy for you Uma. Congratulations! Contact me and your gift will be on it's way to you! Also, I am giving you this lovley Blog Award! because your blog is Awesome!!

Thank you to everyone who entered, I have more cool prizes coming up soon!
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