Saturday, December 25

Merry Christmas Every One

Merry Christmas one and all!
To all my family I wish you a blessed day, lots of you have gone through tough times but still hold your head up and forge ahead. I love you and you are in my prayers. Hope I'm in yours.

To all my friends, I wish you all the peace and joy only God can give. Merry Christmas! Thank you for being my friend. I learn and laugh and share many of your stories. Let's us be better people in 2011 and keep goodness and hope in our hearts!

To all my enemies, I hope I don't have any, but if I'm a lover of Christ Jesus than I know you are there. Merry Christmas. I wish you great peace to you and yours. And I wish you understanding and forgiveness only found in the Lord.

I hope EVERYONE is having a wonderful, festive, joyful Christmas with this holiday spirit in balance in your hearts! Keep it real and remember the reason for the season.

All the very best!!!!  Eve

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