Saturday, November 26

Blog Posts and Writing for Fun!

May I ask you something? If you blog, who do you blog for?

Wow! It's been about a year since I've sat down to write for this blog. Thank you all for the private messages I've received asking if I were ok. Yes, I'm well thank you. And yourself?

Sometimes, things stay the same, and sometimes change rushes in like a typhoon. I feel I've changed massively within a year, don't know if I would still find interest in writing about the things, and in the very same style, as I used to.

When I started this blog, I thought, ' oh cool, a place where I can keep a running list of my craft projects, documenting them with photos and such.' The blog was for me, mostly. Then I started wondering as a few people found my blog, 'What would they like to see on here?' And my first idea went out of the window. I didn't mind, still enjoyed it, but then found so many wonderful, and I mean Amazing blogs out there. Most of my time was spent reading and commenting on other people's blogs than writing on my own, and then ultimately, enjoying my own.

I stopped blogging because the commitment became too much.

Right now I'm thinking about making a blog come-back.

I miss expressing myself in this format. So deciding to enjoy myself this way again means that I'm going to have to say, I wont be able to visit everyone's blog and comment on every post, and respond to every comment that if you feel led to, leave on my posts. I am sorry.

On the bus into work I sometimes take out my mobile phone and read, but commenting on posts is too time consuming and tedious, especially with my slow uploading phone service. I suppose I just want to say that I'm grateful for all of the thoughtful comments made on my previous posts, but if I'm allowed to enjoy this space, I won't be able to keep up with everyone else's blogs every day. If you understand exactly what I'm saying, I understand there's no time to comment to say so. Have fun. xoxox Love Eve


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Welcome back...I've missed you. Your blog is exactly that...your blog. If you don't feel like posting that your business. I think if you have a blog just so that people will comment you might be sorely disappointed. You do have to remember that you have nearly 100 followers that have come to know you as a cyber friend and are really concerned about you during long absences. I think you should continue blogging but post when you have time. Don't stress about it.

kimvan said...

It's a ll good do what you can or else there is no joy in it, happy you are well.

JIN @ Love,Loss + Lacquer said...

Hi Eve, it's me Jin!!! I'm glad you're back - I've missed ya

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I try to rotate my time between writing my own blog posts and reading others. :) This is my fun time, my release time, my time to pray and encourage.

So why do I blog? First of all I PRAY to be someone to help lead others towards Christ, to share our story of how God is working in us and through us, to share about homeschooling, adoption, and being a larger family. PRAYING that others will see JESUS through my imperfections.

cheeky rose said...

Hi Eve season greetings, I agree, blogging can be time consuming, and sometimes we need to take time to rebalance and to priortize our needs. PS you were missed

Marla said...

Hey lady! You ought to know that we'll still be loving ya even if you do not get to respond us. Xoxo

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